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What is a crystal grid?

Crystal grids are templates you can use to create abundance, healing for yourself & others, the possibilities for using grids are endless.

The way the crystals are placed on the grid, along with your focus & intent will improve the energy flow in your life.

You can amplify your intention by using a crystal grid.

They are normally created with a specific outcome in mind i.e. healing, protection, improving your finances & helping other people.

The crystals that are used in a grid work together as a team & will generate more crystalline energy than they would if they were used separately.

Crystal grids are capable of blending powerful crystal vibrations & sacred geometric energy – they are energetic technology in action.

Each grid has its own tuneful vibration & when you stand inside a crystal grid you experience the creative pattern of the universe made visible.

Being in the energy of a grid can be a deeply peaceful experience that can bring you to a point of stillness & peace, or it can be an energising experience, extremely uplifting & far reaching, it all depends on the intention of the individual grid

Acting like cosmic glue, grids support the invisible & visible worlds.

Crystal grids are strong tools because they control natures own visible energy.

Whether a grid is created using one type of crystal, or several, the combined effect of the crystal vibrations with the underlying forcefield, filled with your personal intent can make a crystal grid very powerful.

Every crystal has natural healing energy of its own & by choosing those that will work together to get your desired outcome will produce a shift in subtle energy, which will result in the desired outcome, sometimes on a massive scale.

The design of a crystal grid doesn’t have to have lots of crystals in a complex pattern, it can be as simple as five crystals, four crystals put in the shape of a square, with the fifth in the centre.

Based on the subtle energy flow of sacred geometry, a crystal grid is a specific pattern laid using charged crystals for the purpose of creating a desired result, or cleansing & protecting a space.

How & why crystal grids work

Crazy as it sounds, crystals talk to each other, they vibrate just like sound waves, they also listen to each other & react to what they hear.

Crystals can amplify, change, focus & transmit energy.

Because crystals can balance energy naturally, they can settle the vibrations of crystals that are around them, & when they are all focused with intent in one direction, with a specific goal, they can create a grid of energy that affects its surroundings.

The process of creating a crystal grid can give you control, when you feel you have none.

In situations where it seems you can’t do anything to help, you can create a crystal grid.

By creating a grid with focused intent, you are sending a strong message to the universe to listen to you.

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