Where each stone originates from and where you can find them in the world.


Colour variations of each crystal and gemstones, do the colours change?


The physical structure and composition of each stone in it’s natural form.

Chakra stones, crystals in a row


The healing properties of each stone, how, when and why to use each one.


Magical properties of each stone and how they are used within various magical paths


Folklore about each stone and where you can find them in movies, books and songs.

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Base Chakra continued Deities Linked With The Base Chakra Brahma Brahma is the lord of creation & is shown as having four heads, this symbolises that he is all knowing & can see in four directions at the same time.; his heads also show the four forms of human consciousness; the emotional self, the physical self, the rational self & the intuitive self. He is also shown having four arms; in his upper left hand he holds a lotus flower, a Hindu symbol of purity, lower left hand, the sacred Hindu scriptures, lower right hand, a vase with the nectar

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About Crystal Charged

My name is Chez, I am a hereditary witch who is addicted to crystals. I am a wife and mum of 2 children and 2 rescue Staffies & I use crystals to give my work an extra boost, as well as helping friends & family.

I was looking for an alternative to conventional medicine to relieve the pain of MS & epilepsy & a friend suggested I look into using crystals, so I did, & as they say the rest is history. I have made healing pouches for my Mum, her husband, my husband & daughter. 

I decided to write a blog to share my love of crystals with others, pass on the wonderful benefits they can bring & some of the things you can use them for.

The information in this blog in no way replaces professional medical help.

“For serenity, it is best to use a combination of crystals in your environment and carry crystals with you.”

~ Amy Leigh Mercree – Author of The Mood Book

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