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  • Amethyst Tumble


    Amethyst is a great crystal for protection. It can ease stress & strengthen the immune system. Amethyst can be used to give protection & negativity spells a boost.

  • Angelite Tumble


    Angelite is also known as blue anhydrite. It can be used to ease the symptoms of headache & throat infections. Angelite can help you connect to your guardian angels & spirit guides & improve your psychic abilities. It can be used to give calming, forgiveness, healing, protection & spiritual communication spells a boost. PLEASE NOTE:…

  • Black Banded Agate Tumble


    Black Banded Agate can calm an overactive mind. It is linked to your root chakra, keep your energy balanced & can improve your mediation experience. Black banded agate can be used to give balancing, calming, courage, grounding, meditation & protection spells a boost.

  • Black Obsidian Tumble


    Black Obsidian is made from lava that has cooled quickly. It is a very protective crystal & can keep evil spirits away, help keep you grounded & clear blockages caused by illness. Black Obsidian can be used to give confidence, healing, protection & truth spells a boost, It’s often called ‘the wizard stone’, because it’s…

  • Black Rutilated Quartz Tumble


     Black Rutilated Quartz is made when black tourmaline grows in clear quartz. It’s a great crystal to ease depression or any kind of life trauma. Black Rutilated Quartz helps you leave or remove anything that no longer serves you. It gets rid of negative energies. It can give clarity, focus, healing, negativity & protection spells…

  • Black Tourmaline Tumble


    Black tourmaline is a very protective crystal. It can protect your mind, body & spirit. Black tourmaline can keep you grounded & is linked to your root chakra. It can be used to give balancing, cleansing, grounding, healing, meditation, negativity & protection spells a boost. PLEASE NOTE: Black Tourmaline will become toxic if put in…

  • Bloodstone Tumble


    Bloodstone can get rid of toxins & improve your eyesight. It can cleanse & align your lower chakras. Bloodstone can be used to give cleansing, courage, grounding, personal strength & protection spells a boost. PLEASE NOTE: Bloodstone will rust if put in water

  • Blue Chalcedony Tumble


     Blue chalcedony is clear to translucent stone coloured by traces or iron, titanium, manganese or copper. It can improve blood pressure & your memory. Blue Chalcedony helps repair the mucus membranes & eases ear, sinus & throat problems that occur due to weather changes such as epileptic fits, hay fever & sinusitis. It boosts the…

  • Bronzite Tumble


    Bronzite is a powerful healing crystal. It can ease the symptoms of depression & illness. Bronzite can help you communicate with the spirit realm 7 your ancestral magic. It can be used to give abundance, healing, luck, protection & wealth spells a boost

  • Carnelian Tumble


    Carnelian can be used to cleanse other crystals. It can improve your concentration, protect you against all forms of negativity. Carnelian can keep your energy grounded while you meditate, it can also clear blocked energy & improve blood circulation. It can be used to give concentration, confidence, grounding, healing, positivity & protection spells a boost.

  • Chakra Set Tumbles


    Chakra Sets are a pouch of seven tumblestones in the colours of the chakras; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet. They can be used separately to align individual chakras, or as a set to align all of the chakras together. Chakra set tumblestones can be used individually or together to boost a variety…

  • Citrine Tumble


    Citrine is clear quartz that has been heat treated. It can be used to get rid of negativity from the aura & is great to use when meditating. Citrine can be used to give abundance, cleansing, happiness, healing & positivity spells a boost.