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  • Black Obsidian Wand


    Black Obsidian is made from lava that has cooled quickly. It is a very protective crystal & can keep evil spirits away, help keep you grounded & clear blockages caused by illness. Black Obsidian can be used to give confidence, healing, protection & truth spells a boost, It’s often called ‘the wizard stone’, because it’s…

  • Clear Quartz Wand


    Pointed Wands can direct the flow of energy to a specific point, or draw it away. Clear Quartz is known as a master healer. It can be used on its own or with any other crystal to give it a boost Clear Quartz can be used to give any kind of spell a boost.

  • Moss Agate Double Terminated Wand


    A double terminated wand is pointed at both ends to make a path for healing energy to be sent in both directions. Moss Agate can help you straighten things out if your are in a muddle. It is an excellent crystal to use for healing & can balance mind, body & spirit Moss Agate can…

  • Rose Quartz Double Terminated Wand


    Double terminated wands are pointed at both ends to send & receive energy from both ends. Rose Quartz is great for removing blockages & balancing the heart chakra. It can be used to give healing & self love spells a boost.