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  • Apophyllite Cluster


    Apophyllite has a high water content & can cleanse the mind, body & spirit. It can get rid of negativity & rebalance the aura. Apophyllite can be used to give calming, healing, meditation, negativity, peace & spirit communication spells a boost.

  • Aquamarine Chips


    Aquamarine is a crystal that gives you courage. It can be useful when you want to shield your aura & balance your chakras. Aquamarine can ease the pain of throat problems, i.e. sore throat or swollen glands. You can use aquamarine to give calming, cleansing, healing & protection spells a boost.    

  • Lemurian Quartz


    Lemurian Quartz can be known as Lemurian Seed Quartz & Golden Healer Quartz It can get rid of negativity & renew the chakra system. Lemurian Quartz can range in colour from clear to pink/brown. It’s part of the Clear Quartz family & can be used to give any spell a boost.

  • Natural Shungite With Pyrite


    The shungite helps to clear your mind & settle your emotions. The pyrite can help calm your emotions & acts as a shield against negativity. The combination of natural shungite & pyrite makes it a highly protective crystal. It measures 6.5cm x 4.5cm

  • Rhodonite Pieces


    Rhodonite can boost your self confidence. It can keep you calm in times of stress. Rhodonite can ease the symptoms of MS. You can use rhodonite to give balance, concentration, confidence, healing, meditation, negativity & protection spells a boost.    

  • Rose Aura Quartz Cluster


    Rose Aura Quartz is clear quartz that is bonded with platinum & sometimes gold or silver. It can get rid of negative energy, balances your emotions & helps keep you calm. Rose Aura Quartz can have a positive effect when starting a new venture. You can use rose aura quartz to give balance, courage, healing,…

  • Rutilated Smokey Quartz Freeform


    Rutilated Smokey Quartz is a very protective crystal. It carries a combination of the properties of rutilated quartz & smokey quartz. Smokey Quartz is a very good crystal to use to ground your energy. Rutilated Quartz gives you courage & activates the solar plexus chakra. Rutilated Smokey Quartz can be used to give calming, grounding,…

  • Stillbite Cluster


    Stillbite can help you concentrate.& organise your thoughts. It has a soft, gentle & loving energy. Stillbite can cleanse your crown & third eye chakras & open your heart chakra. It can be used to give balance, communication, healing, meditation, money spells a boost. It measure 8.4cm x 6.6cm