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Light & Conception

It is thought that when a soul decides to incarnate on the earth, the incoming soul selects its parents, & during conception, the upward opening crown chakras of the parents together draw in the soul; the downward opening base chakras receive sexual energy & the collective life force of every living thing on earth, which streams into the soul as an embryo is created.

Cosmic light from the stars pours through the crown chakra of the mother.

Spectroscopic analysis of starlight shows elements known on the earth as minerals.

Your physical body also contains minerals such as, iron, magnesium, calcium & boron.

Spectroscopic analysis is a process that is done to work out element type, chemical make up, optical & electronic properties & crystallinity – how crystals are formed.

The body of each incarnating soul receives the life force energy of the universe, human consciousness is the star seeded jewel of life.

Healing Light

Some energy healers are able to see or sense the condition of auric fields & chakras, sometimes they even sense disease before it shows itself in your body.

These healers often have the ability of channel healing from the source of Creation to use a positive healing effect on your chakras, allowing your body to heal itself.

Major & Minor Chakras

As well as the seven well known major chakras, there are twenty one minor, or secondary ones.

Your minor chakras are linked to the following areas of your body: one on the sole of each foot, one behind each knee, one for each of your reproductive organs, two for your spleen, one for your stomach, one near your liver, one in the palm of each hand, one on each breast, one on each collarbone, one behind each eye, one on each temple & one near your thymus gland.

You can think if the minor chakras as subtle energy defenders of your body & the seven major chakras are your body’s guardians.

Energy Flows

Your first chakra – The base chakra is the source of life, it is from here that your physical body is created & grows.

At auric field level, your base chakra is linked to the minor chakras in your feet, knees & reproductive organs; this is because, in addition to energy flowing around your spinal area, energy also flows into your body through your feet, upwards along your legs, to the base of your spine.

The movement of energy focused through your major chakras is generally linked with your endocrine glands, which produce hormones, stimulating the physiological processes.

Your minor – secondary chakras connect with your lymphatic vascular system.

This carries excess fluid & unwanted waste from body cells, helping your body fight disease & infection.

The Alto Major Chakra is at the base of the back of your skull & is linked with survival patterns & memory traces that have been inherited from your prehistoric ancestors.

The Thymus Chakra may be one of your minor chakras, but it is important in its own right as a developing energy centre, with a specific ability to fight attack from environmental pollution & invading viruses.

It is linked to pale blue or pale pink colour.

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