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Advanced Crystal Grids

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube is a complicated, multi dimensional bond, it energetically connects all dimensions together.

It plots north, south east & west, & above – the divine & below – the earth.

In the past alchemists have used Metatron’s Cube as an instrument of creation, or for containment.

It is thought that Metatron’s Cube is the map of creation, plotting the ‘Big Bang’ & the ever unfolding energy that flowed out from it.

Rather than being a map for a single universe, it’s a map of the multiverse; the finite & infinite possible universes, this includes our universe & the natural & supernatural worlds.

A Metatron’s Cube represents the map of the multiverse.

The idea of a multiverse expands time-space & goes down to the most basic level of creation.

It helps move you beyond the ties of everyday reality into the true nature of things that exist beyond what we can see – the infinite.

Thirteen equal circles with radiating & interconnecting lines create a one dimensional picture of Metatron’s Cube, it is much more powerfully energetic than that.

It is a multi dimensional, pulsating vortex that will benefit from anchor stones being placed on the outer circles, to keep the energy contained & grounded, so that it functions here on Earth.

The circles represent feminine energy & the straight lines represent, it also represents the five principle elements; air, earth, fire, metal & wood.

This grid contains all five of the Platonic solids is a combination of the forces that keep the universe in balance.

Use clearing & light bringing & archangel crystals.

Merkaba Star

Merkaba Star

The Merkaba can be used as a tool for spiritual evolution because it raises the frequency of the human body to access Source energy – the energy that governs all creation.

The word Merkaba means chariot in Hebrew, it was how you reached the throne of God in the Old Testament.

It is used to reorganise the human energy body, so a higher frequency can flow through it, it has always been seen as increasing the flow of chi.

The Merkaba is traditionally used for cell regeneration & protection.

It symbolises fusion, perfect harmony & unity, it joins the left & right hemispheres of the brain, opening your pineal gland, which is also called the Third Eye.

A Merkaba grid can be used to balance your mind & have a peaceful life.

Use cleansing & light bringing crystals.

The Merkaba represents the vehicle of light.

Double Merkaba

Double Merkaba

The double Merkaba or twelve pointed star is a symbol of the life giving energy of the sun & it links the four elements, earth, air, fire & water together.

The star gives off energy across a large area, it is very useful for giving ongoing projects an energy boost that could take at least a year to complete, i.e. building a house, training for a marathon or writing a book.

In it’s most basic form, the double Merkaba can be used to fill an area with energy & light, similar to a sunburst.

You will need to use archangel, elemental, grounding, intention & light bringing crystals.

Multi Arm Spiral

Multi Armed Spiral

Multi Armed Spiral

A multi arm spiral represents the forces that hold the universe together.

It is laid in a similar way to a sunburst or single spiral grid, but the difference is it will produce & give off energy over a much wider area, which creates an unfolding vortex of energy that is very stable.

A multi arm spiral is extremely useful to use for restoring an energetically dead area, i.e. a desk, house, a patch of earth or a room; it can also be placed on maps..

This is a reflective grid, spiral galaxies can be found in the outer reaches of space & within the eddies & whirlpools of the smallest puddle.

Curved spiral arms transmit perfect symmetry, joining at the centre..

Use this grid when a lot of energy & healing are needed, i.e., when you move into a new house, when a relationship has ended, or when you feel stuck working on a creative project.

You can place it in the environment, or over a chakra, you can also use it as a focus point to help you meditate or journey (AT).

The multi arm spiral represents cosmic consciousness.

Use Anandalite, Black Tourmaline, Flint, Hematite, Moldavite, Celtic Healer, Golden & Smokey Quartz, Rhodozite & Selenite.

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