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Crystal necklaces can be made from raw pieces of crystal, polished crystals, beads, chips or wire wrapped that are strung on pieces of cord, leather or goldor silver chains.


Bloodstone Necklace

Bloodstone can improve physical strength & gives the immune system a boost.

It can get rid of toxins from the body, improving the role of the bladder, kidneys & liver.

Bloodstone is said to increase blood circulation & strengthen the heart.

It’s thought to be a blood purifier; helps heal all types of blood disorders.

Bloodstone improves & regulates blood flow.


Bronzite Necklace

Bronzite can be used to help fight infections.

It can increase the absorption of iron & increases the amount of time the iron remains in the body.


Calcite Necklace

Calcite is said to be good for easing back pains.

It can increase your physical strength & help speed up your recovery when you are ill.

Calcite can act as an antiseptic & detoxifier.

It will clean your bladder, bowels & kidneys.

Calcite will help your body absorb calcium & dissolve any calcification that can occur at broken bones.

Calcite – Blue

Blue Calcite Necklace

Blue Calcite is excellent at lowering blood pressure.

It can ease arthritis, problems with bones & joints & speed up the recovery time of bone dislocation, injuries, or sprain.

Blue Calcite is said to balance the amount of calcium in your body.

It’s said to improve the way your body absorbs minerals & vitamins.

Blue Calcite is said to improve metabolism & strengthening your immune system.

It’s said to steady your heart rhythm & help ease problems with your circulatory system.

Calcite – Caribbean

Caribbean Calcite Necklace

Caribbean Calcite is a wonderful crystal for all-over healing & recovery.

It’s an excellent stone for after-care from surgeries, or prolonged illness

Caribbean Calcite is said to lower blood pressure with it’s calming, breezy energy.

It can clear away blockages that slow down your physical body & help with migraines, jaw pain, muscular & any pain related to high levels of stress.

Calcite – Green

Green Calcite Necklace

Green Calcite can improve & regulate blood pressure & help the recovery process after a heart attack.

It can boost your body’s ability to stop blood clots.

Green Calcite can help strengthen bones & joints.

It’s known to help ease the symptoms of arthritis.

Green Calcite can help treat bacterial infections, burns, inflammations, joint pains, & nervous ticks.

It can strengthen & support the immune system & ease intestinal or skin conditions.

Green Calcite can improve the healthy function of your kidneys, pancreas & spleen.

Calcite – Orange

Orange Calcite Necklace

Orange Calcite can be helpful to use for conditions affecting the joints.

It can improve the role of your kidneys, liver, spleen & urinary tract.

Orange Calcite can help remove viruses & visual disturbances.

It’s excellent at getting rid of toxins from your body.

Orange Calcite can ease the symptoms of fatigue & stomach-related illnesses.

It can help your body absorb calcium & other nutrients better.

Calcite – Red

Red Calcite Necklace

Red Calcite can get rid of aches & pains & lower blood pressure.

It can help your body absorb calcium better & help treat disorders linked to the joints & the limbs.

Red Calcite is extremely useful to ease constipation.

It can help with problems of the feet, genitals & hips.

Red Calcite can be extremely useful to use when recovering from alcohol detox & food poisoning.

It can help cleanse the circulatory system & increase physical energy.

Calcite – Yellow

Yellow Calcite Necklace

Yellow Calcite is said to balance the endocrine system.

It’s often used to control blood-sugar & treat diseases linked to the pancreas.

Yellow Calcite is excellent to use to improve your gut health.

It can ease intestinal pain & stomach upsets.

Yellow Calcite can improve blood flow & heart function.

It can balance hormones & encourage clotting.

Yellow Calcite can ease anxiety & stress.

It can reduce the frequency of headaches, & stabilise blood pressure..

Yellow Calcite is used to improve the role of the kidneys, helping your body get rid of toxins, creating a stronger immune response.

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