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Solar Plexus continued

Gut Feelings

Gut feeling means to sense something at a very deep level, this is your solar plexus in action, part of to compare bad & good feelings.

You may have felt butterflies in your stomach, or the entire area tightening up just before an important event happens; this is a sign your solar plexus is closing down a little, pulling in & slightly away from your physical body to protect itself.

The root of your emotions is in this chakra, your emotions are processed through your solar plexus, where fire energy burns them up; the ashes of the burned emotions need to be raked out every so often in order for the fire to continue to burn strongly, the same as a real fire.

The idea is to rise above a constant stream of negative energy – don’t become emotionless & uncaring, but to register, understand & release them.

Your solar plexus will stay in constant balance & is able to stop emotional stress when you do this.

Crystals To Energise The Solar Plexus

You can use yellow topaz or yellow tourmaline to energise your solar plexus.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

You can get topaz in many different colours, but choose clear bright yellow for the solar plexus.

You don’t need an expensive cut or polished topaz, a small raw piece will work just as well.

Topaz helps realign energies & brings a golden radiance into your auric field.

It is traditionally a crystal of fortune & love.

Topaz has excellent energetic properties, it is great for helping digestion, gall bladder & liver, plus, it can also help with the digestion of ideas at a mental level.

Yellow Tourmaline

Raw Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow tourmaline is very focused in a directional manner & can balance the two sides of the brain & the male/female energies.

Use the crystal to cut away, or draw out blockages, rather than placing the crystal on the solar plexus; this helps the solar plexus to function properly, to improve deep sadness, grief, hopelessness, intolerance & stress.

Crystals To Calm The Solar Plexus

A calming/slowing down of energies passing in & out of the chakra will help concentration & general well being, this will help you meditate, study or work at a deeper level.

If there is tension in the solar plexus, the energy is blocked at the lower three chakra & won’t be able to rise to the heart chakra.

The solar plexus is closely linked to the way we think.

Because yellow is linked with the solar plexus, it encourages us to think & stimulates our brain.

The crystals/gemstones to calm the solar plexus are emerald & sapphire.


Raw Emerald

When emerald is used on the solar plexus it can calm imbalances that are linked to diabetes, it can also be used for the eyes, liver & sinuses.


Blue Sapphire Pendant

You can get sapphires in many different colours.

Use blue sapphire to calm the solar plexus.

It will open you up to higher spiritual realms by calming your physical body, it brings deep serenity & wisdom; it should be placed on the solar plexus, or held within the aura at a comfortable distance.

It regulates the endocrine system energetically & is great if you are going through a stressful time.

Crystals To Balance The Solar Plexus


Raw Citrine Bed

Citrine is a great crystal for balancing the solar plexus.

You can use a cluster, small point or a tumble, try & buy tumbles that are clear yellow in colour, rather than dark treacle brown, as this has been heat treated & its power has been changed.

Citrine has a receptive vibration with pranic energy coming from the sun.

It cleanses, energises & warms.

Citrine balances the vibrational field so we can walk consciously on the earth.

A great way to activate the solar plexus is looking at the sun with your eyes half closed & visualise the energy being focused on the solar plexus & the rest of your body.

Solar Plexus Overview

Indian Name: Manipura

Associated Element: Fire

Symbol: Ten petaled lotus flower

Colour Of Petals: Yellow – gold

Indian God & Goddess: Lakini & Rudra


Indian Animal: Ram

Key Issues: Anxiety, fear, introversion & power

Energy Function: Converts pranic & solar energy

Physical Location: Between your belly button & the bottom of your sternum

Associated Spinal Area: Seventh & eighth thoracic vertebra

Physiological System: Digestive, metabolic

Endocrine Gland: Islets of Langerhans( groups of cells in your pancreas)

Nerve Plexus: Solar plexus

Activity: Movement

Body Sense: Sight

Inner Aspect: Opinion & personal power

Life Lesson: Honouring the wisdom of other people, leading to your personal empowerment

Physical Action: Digestion

Mental Action: Power

Emotional Action: Expansiveness

Spiritual Action: Growth

Gemstone To Energise: Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Emerald Earrings

Crystal To Balance: Citrine

Citrine Tumbles

Essential Oil: Sage

Sage Essential Oil

Planets: Moon & sun

Metals: Gold & Silver

Native American Animal: Birds

Colour To Balance/Energise: Golden yellow

Colour To Calm: Violet

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