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This is the third part of crystals you can use to heal & align your chakras & improve your overall well being.

Quartz – Spirit

It can open the higher crown & align all the chakras.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Quartz – Star Hollandite

It can increase your connection to universal wisdom

Quartz – Tanzine Aura

Tanzine Aura Quartz Rough Cut

Tanzine Aura facilitates multi-dimensional balance & a deep spiritual interconnection.

It opens & aligns the Soul Star & highest Crown Chakras, drawing cosmic energy into the physical body & to Earth.

It is able to help you communicate any psychic visions or dreams you might experience with this stone.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Sapphire – Purple

It can be useful for taking you into a deeper state of meditation & increase your spiritual awareness.

Sapphire White

It can take you your spiritual awareness to a higher level.


Raw Selenite

Selenite can help you feel protection from the angelic realm & it also dispels negative energy. The powerful energies of Selenite help you connect with your guides, guardians, Christ Consciousness & Higher Self.

It brings mental clarity, clearing confusion & revealing the bigger picture behind any problem.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Blue

It can help quiet your mind during meditation.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Fishtail (Angel’s Wing)

Angel Wing Selenite

It gets its name from the shape & it can help you connect with the angels.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Green

It can help you see the best in everything.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Phantom

It can connect you to the highest spiritual vibration.

This is a high vibration crystal.


When used to meditate with, it can bring you spiritual enlightenment, take you to a higher spiritual level & help you to connect to the angels

This is a high vibration crystal.


It can help you reach a higher spiritual vibration & help you think clearly.

Spinel – Violet

It can help you increase your spiritual development & help you astral travel.

Topaz – Clear

It can get rid of mental attachments & clears your emotions; it also increases your cosmic awareness.

It can also clear energy blockages.

Tourmaline – Multicoloured (Elbaite)

It can align your mind, body, spirit & soul; & help you reach higher spiritual realms.

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