The Subtle Energies

This topic will introduce you to a few ideas that might be unfamiliar, i.e. aura, chakras, pathways of light & prana.

In recent times these ancient mysteries have been rediscovered & are being used as a way of healing you mind, body & spirit.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are spiralling energy centres that exist in your auric field.

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word chakram, which means wheel, because yogi – yoga masters, clairvoyants & energy healers see them as spinning disks of light.

The system of energy centres & channels is the basis for the meridians – a subtle energy channel that runs near to the surface of your skin, they are the energy points used in acupuncture, energy healing & yoga practice.

There are seven main chakras & a number of smaller ones that interact with your bodies ductless endocrine glands & lymphatic system by bringing in good energy & getting rid of unwanted energy.

The aura & the Chakras

Your body’s subtle energy field can be described as an aura – a rainbow of light surrounding your body.

It is a vibrating egg shaped energy field that surrounds your body.

It is made of seven different layers, starting with the one closest to your body; etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial & ketheric.

Energy healers & other people who can see the delicate bio-energies say that the colours within an aura are constantly changing, depending on your emotions, spiritual development & state of health.

Every time you see a rainbow, it’s always in front of you & your back is to the sun; since no two people can ever be in exactly the same place at the same time, everyone sees a slightly different rainbow.

In the same way, you see people’s aura differently, this is because you are looking through your own viewpoint at their aura.

Information energy flows from the cosmos through your aura into your chakras, it also goes back out from your chakras through your aura & into the cosmos.

What does an aura look like?

Scientists can measure the electromagnetic field close to your skin, which is often seen in dim light conditions as a fine golden glow around you.

An even finer field of energy – the human aura or luminous body extends outwards, sometimes as far as thirty feet in faster & higher frequencies, penetrated by your swirling chakras.

Esoteric teachings usually give this energy field a number of layers, each of which has a certain correspondence with a colour, part of the body & a quality.

The colours progress through your aura the same as those of a rainbow – from red to violet.

Seeing the human aura

Seeing the human aura is an ability that you have either had since childhood, or can achieve through spiritual discipline.

Like a rainbow, your aura is made of drops of energy that vibrate on different frequencies to produce coloured light.

It was easier to see subtle energies as a child, because as you grow up, people keep telling you that you can’t see angels, auras or fairies; but those of us who keep a healthy respect for the natural world are often more able to see auras.

There are ways you can learn to see auras.

The first method you may like to try is by sitting in a darkened room & rub your hands together quickly, then hold your hands in front of you, with your fingertips curved towards each other, but not quite touching. Look at a point past your fingertips, try not to stare & keep your gaze soft.

You should see very fine lines of light, or colourless glowing streamers moving from & between your fingers.

The other way you can try is by asking a friend to stand against a plain wall, about ten feet away from you, in dim light & look past them, you should be able to see the same kind of lines as with the hand rubbing exercise.

Practice with both methods & go with your intuition to find the best way for you.

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