Crystal Grids

Simple Crystal Grids



A hexagram is also known as the Creator’s Star, the Star of David or Solomon’s Seal.

It is an ancient symbol of protection & the bringing together of opposites.

The symbol for the heart chakra is a hexagram, it balances the primary emotional energy of the universe – love, at the junction of heaven & earth.

The six points of the hexagram are said to represent the six characteristics of God: justice, love, majesty, mercy, power & wisdom.

Two overlapping, interlocked equilateral triangles create a hexagram.

A unicursal hexagram is drawn with a single line & is very useful for combination grids.

Hexagram grids can balance external & internal desires & needs, the first triangle draws down light & locks it into place, & the second triangle clears harmful energy & grounds it.

Put the name or photo of someone who needs help underneath the centre stone & the protective energy will be sent to them remotely.

Sitting in a hexagram can calm your mind & help overcome insomnia, specially if the grid is from Amethyst or Auralite 23.

You will need abundance, high vibration, light bringing crystals in the upward triangle & anchoring, cleansing, grounding & protection crystals in the downward triangle.

Infinite Hexagram

Infinite Hexagram

The infinite hexagram represents the balance of celestial & terrestrial forces & a portal to other worlds.

It can be made bigger or smaller as often as required, it also represents ultimate expansion & harmony, neatly held in its outer limits.

The infinite hexagram is very powerful when it’s used for change & transformation, if you lie within an infinite hexagram grid, it can balance your energy & give your mind, body & spirit a boost.

The process for laying an infinite hexagram grid is the same, whether you are laying it on & around your body, or in a physical space, the energy effects extend far beyond any physical space, shifting energy & vibration frequencies to a high level.

It can be used to safely gain access to the Akashic record.

The infinite hexagram represents the unfolding universe.



A zigzag is naturally more stable than a straight line, it can absorb stresses better controlling its high energy output.

The zigzag pattern is very useful for healing sick building syndrome – SBS is a condition where the sufferer may have the following symptoms:- irritated dry or watering eyes, irritated runny or blocked nose, dry or sore throat, dryness, itching or irritation of the skin, occasionally with a rash & headaches, tiredness, irritability & poor concentration.

Use Black Tourmaline, Herkimer Diamond, Quartz, Selenite, Shungite & Smokey Quartz

Double Zigzag

Double Zigzag

A double zigzag is more powerful than a single one, because it can contain the energy in the space being covered.

Use the same crystals as the zigzag pattern.

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