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The energy field of a crystal grid

When you use a single, naturally terminated crystal, such as clear quartz, it channels energy in one direction through its termination, because this is the direction it grows. Crystals like rose quartz rarely form large perfect crystals & are known as cryptocrystalline, which means they are made from millions of microscopic sized crystals growing in different directions.

When used in a crystal grid, all the crystals are arranged to focus their energy into the focus stone, also called the centre stone.

A grid can be set up in a specific geometric pattern, such as Merkaba Star, Metatron’s Cube, or Flower of Life, or it could be as simple as a circle, or cube with a focus stone in the centre.

The pattern itself has a natural energy that will amplify your intention.

When you create a crystal grid, you can use any shape or pattern that has meaning to you, but certain patterns are said to be sacred.

Even though crystal grids appear to be flat, one dimensional shapes, they actually create a multi dimensional energetic net that expands throughout the area they are placed.

The forcefield will give your intentions a massive boost.

A small triangular layout can cleanse & protect a whole house, a simple spiral grid gives off energy over a large area or can attract increased wealth into its centre.

A hexagram placed on top of a picture can energetically send distance healing.

If you place the grid on a background or cloth of a complementary colour, it will boost the power even more.

When creating a crystal grid, try to use natural base materials, such as, cotton, linen, slate, stone or wood if possible, because they will anchor & activate the grids energy.

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The purpose of a crystal grid

The possibilities for using a crystal grid are endless, they can be large or small & can be placed on or around your body, indoors or outside.

The energetic net of a grid spreads far beyond the grid itself, a small grid can be extremely powerful.

Crystal grids offer many benefits to you & anybody else you create a grid for.

They can protect against negativity, create abundance, attract love or send healing & forgiveness.

You can set up a crystal grid to encourage world peace, heal a forest that has been destroyed & help repair the damage of a natural disaster.

Even though there are several different ones you can use, there is no right or wrong grid & there is no specific amount of time it has to stay active.

When deciding what grid & to use, use your intuition, whichever grid appeals to you is the right one.

When you choose a grid, don’t be afraid to alter the shape to suit your needs, if it feels right, then it is.

Sacred Geometry

Grids work on the principle of Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry is the way creation organises itself & it is the foundation of the entire natural world.

It’s deeply rooted in our cell memory & the universe around us.

These patterns are created from ratios that are essential to the existence of life.

Grids underpin our world.

They are found in the perfect spiral of a pine cone or sunflower, in the cells of a honeycomb or a snowflake, they are thought to be designed by God & this is why it is called Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry runs through ALL belief systems.

Snail Shell

They are also the internal lattice structure of a crystal & of the human body.

In ancient times, maths was a sacred science & an art, holding the secrets of the Divine & natural worlds; today, Sacred Geometry is the legacy of that knowledge.

It includes things that are naturally pleasing to look at, creating a sense of balance & harmony.

It’s also described in the cycles & orbits of the planets.

Crystal grids harness that power to reach your desired outcome.

Virtually all sacred geometry is based on basic shapes that can be interlocked in ever increasing complexity.

For example, a circle is a perimeter, but it becomes a grid when two or more circles are joined or overlapped.

Energy workers, such as healers have noticed that when these ratios are expressed in art, they produce a consistent & noticeable energy pattern.

When you create your grid on one of these patterns, you are using the natural energy of the mathematical ratios of life to increase the energy of the crystals & grid.

I will give you a list of ten basic shapes you can use for crystal grids, what they mean & what they can be used for.

Circle: Boundary, completion, healing, initiation, protection & unity.

Cube : Defining & limiting & naturally stable.

Hexagram : Balancing energy, bringing together, protection & uniting heart & mind & above & below.

Pentacle: Connecting the elements, drawing down energy & magical protection.

Pentagon: Clearing, completeness, stability & the elements.

Pyramid:Creation, rebirth & out of body journeying (Astral Travel)

Sphere: Including everything, naturally unstable.

Spiral: Drawing in, letting go or giving out energy, & vortex energy.

Square: Bringing together, protection, stability & strength.

Triangle: Creation, integration, manifestation & protection.

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