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When you programme a crystal, whether it’s a tumblestone (tumbles/shinies), a raw piece, a piece of jewellery, or any other crystal item you are using, you are telling it what to do.

Before you programme anything, I suggest you find somewhere quiet, like your bedroom, shut the door & turn off your mobile, so you won’t be disturbed.

Sit quietly, relax & clear you mind for a few minutes before you begin, this will help you focus when you start programming your crystals.

If you choose a blue crystal to programme for healing, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right, go with your intuition, there is no right or wrong crystal to use.

I was making a healing grid & all the crystals except one were green & when I tried to change a few of them for blue crystals, they kept rolling off the grid, so I left the green crystals where they were.

I have two sets of six tumbles I use to relieve the symptoms of MS & epilepsy; I have one set on me, while the other one is cleansing & charging, the sets are made up of one of each the following crystals, a kambaba jasper, a blue chalcedony, a red tigers eye, a citrine, a malachite & a clear quartz.

MS/epilepsy relief tumbles

When I need a fresh set of tumbles I use the set that has been cleansed & charged & are ready to programme while the other set is cleansing.

I sit in my spiritual room, shut the door, light some incense – usually sage & relax for a few minutes before I start, when I feel ready, I hold each one in turn & programme it to protect me from the effects of a fit, when I feel I have programmed enough energy into it, I put it to one side & when all the others are done, I put them in a medium velvet pouch, so I can carry them with me throughout the day.

I also put them under my pillow at night to protect me while I’m asleep.

The tumbles are able to protect me for about a month before I need to use fresh ones.

The crystals you have programmed can be used for as long as you want to.

When you have been using crystals for a while, you will notice when they start to lose their power; when this happens, just cleanse & charge them for a few hours, then they are ready to be programmed again.

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