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Chakra Protection Exercise

Whenever you do energy work you can finish by doing the following suggestion’

If you have been meditating on your own, imagine your chakra energy as the petals of a flower.

When you have finished meditating, visualise the petals of each chakra closing one by one, until the flower is completely closed & at rest.

If you are doing healing work with a friend, prepare each chakra for normal energy flows by visualising yourself drawing a circle of light around it, then seal it with a cross, pentagram or another positive symbol of your own spiritual practice.

The influence of life cycles

The Influence Of Life Cycles

The Sacred Seven

Seven year life cycles are described in various schools of spiritual development.

An Austrian artist, mystic & seer, Rudolf Steiner, who founded Anthroposophy – inspired study of spiritual essence of human & the cosmos, believed that understanding the seven year cycles of human growth was fundamental to our development.

Yogic teaching links the seven sacred chakras to seven year periods, starting at birth in the base/root chakra & working upwards through each of your chakras.

You will begin another seven year cycle on your fiftieth birthday, starting at your base/root chakra at a higher vibration of energy & a higher learning experience.

Each year within the seven year period is affected by the next chakra.

For example: as you reach your fourth birthday the overall influence comes from your base chakra, with annual influence from the colour green.

This is a time in a child’s development when loving security is vital in order to be able to begin loving relationships.

By the time a child is in their fifth year, loving security enables greater expression & vocalisation of loving care to others.

A person coming up to their fortieth birthday will be under the influence of the sixth chakra – brow & the colour turquoise.

The fortieth year should be a time of inner personal tuition, moving energy from concerns of the physical body to the development of higher chakra energy of the fifth – throat, through intuitive communication with others.

Below are a couple of lists you can use to work out what chakra & colour will influence your spiritual development.

Chart One: Basic Understanding Within Each Seven Year Cycle

Years 0-7 & 50-56

First chakra cycle, keywords: connection to the earth & material world, life force energy.

Years 8-14 & 57-63

Second chakra cycle, keywords: creativity, enthusiasm, exploration & sensuality

Years 15-21 & 64-70

Third chakra cycle, keywords: development of feelings & personality & wisdom.

Years 22-28 & 71-77

Fourth chakra cycle, keywords: compassion, development of healing skills in self & others, love & selflessness.

Years 29-35 & 78-84

Fifth chakra cycle, keywords: communication, independence, inspiration, open to higher development & self expression.

Years 36-42 & 85-91

Sixth chakra cycle, keywords: realisation of inner sense – clairvoyance & intuition & responsibility.

Years 43-49 & 92-98

Seventh chakra cycle, keywords: enlightenment, time of inner work & unity.

Chart Two: Basic Understanding Within Each One Year Cycle

Each year is coloured in the following way, in a repeating spiral of development.

First year of life: red energy, keywords: action, invigoration & primordiality.

Root Chakra

Second year of life: orange energy, keywords: creativity & exploration

Sacral Chakra

Third year of life: yellow energy, keywords: expansion & limitless possibility.

Solar Plexus

Fourth year of life: green energy: keywords: expression of inner goodness & love

Heart Chakra

Fifth year of life: blue energy: keywords: communication & protection

Throat Chakra

Sixth year of life: indigo energy: keywords: deepening experience.

Third Eye Chakra

Seventh year of life: violet energy: keywords: contemplation & inner transition.

Crown Chakra

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