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Fibonacci series, the Golden Ratio & the Golden Ratio Spiral

Golden Ratio Spiral

In the Fibonacci series, the sequence of numbers is created by adding the previous two numbers together: 1, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 & so on, when a number in the series is divided into the following one the result is close to phi – the Golden Ratio.

Because so many building & natural formations are founded on it, the Golden Ratio has been called the fingerprint of creation, it creates harmonious, sacred architecture & a template for growth in plants..

the Golden Ratio produces DNA – fundamental to living organisms, it also creates the Golden Ratio spiral, the basis for an extremely powerful energy management grid.

Platonic Solids

The platonic solids were called the five perfect shapes by the ancient Greeks, they believed they were the core patterns behind physical creation.

The platonic solids are the foundation for the arrangement of protons & neutrons across the entire periodic table of elements.

Everything in the physical universe is based on these five shapes, the solids were the four elements that underpin the physical world & a fifth element – ether, or life force, brings everything together as a whole.

A grid containing one of these shapes brings its specific qualities & elements into the manifestation process.

The platonic solids are:-

Cube: Earth & stability.


Dodecahedron: Divine nature, spirit/ether & the universe.


Icosahedron: Expansion, flow & water.


Octahedron: Air & perfect manifestation.


Tetrahedron: Creation, destruction, fire & renewal.


Basic Crystal Grids


A circle is a pure form.

With no beginning or end, it’s the origin of everything.

In sacred geometry a circle represents boundary, completion, healing, initiation, protection & unity.

Divide or replicate the circle & you have the start of a grid.

A circle grid can represent boundaries, completion, healing & protection.


A square is the most basic & useful of grids.

It grounds energy & anchors intention.

In its basic form a square can be placed in the four corners of a room, or the four corners of your bed.

A square grid create,s an energetic cube & can be used to grid a building.

If used in a protective layout, a square grid can bring energy together & set it.

It can also get rid of negative energy, creating a safe space live, meditate & work.

You can use a square grid to fit the space where it will be placed, i.e. it can be extended on two sides to create a rectangle, or slanted to create a parallelogram.

Not all the sides or angles of the square have to remain the same length for the energy to have an effect.

If you are having trouble sleeping, put the grid around your bed, around a room that needs calm & quiet or around your head to clear your mind.

A square grid can be used where boundaries need to be set, & protect a space against electromagnetic pollution or geopathic stress.

Square grids are great for focusing on your goals & building community.

Use anchoring, cleansing, grounding & protection crystals & use Herkimer Diamond or Shungite if the grid is being used to protect again electric or magnetic fields.

I will describe some of the many patterns of sacred geometry you can use as templates for creating your own crystal grids.



A spiral is one of the first forms organisms grow in.

Spirals are the creation of life, i.e. the centre of a sunflower, the living shell of a nautilus, they are also the product of the Golden Mean.

Their circular shape creates an energetic vortex that can spin energy in all directions.

Linked with the omphalos, the centre point, or naval of the earth & with natural cycles, they are carved on ancient monuments all over the world.

They are capable of being used for plotting the annual cycles of the moon, planets & sun.

Use Citrine, Goldstone, Herkimer Diamond, Selenite, Sunstone & Smokey Quartz.

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