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Simple Crystal Grids


Sunburst Crystal Grid

Sunburst layouts can be extremely empowering, because they can give off energy over a large area & are well suited to being placed on the ground or over a map.

When creating a sunburst grid, remember crystal points channel energy in the direction they face, if a point is facing towards a specific spot, or you, it will channel energy into the spot or you, if the point is facing away from you, it sends the energy away.

A sunburst grid can have long or short arms & they can be equal, unequal or a combination of both.

Crystals can be placed in lines or placed at each end around a keystone in the centre.

It can be as large or small as you want it to be.

If you are creating a large sunburst grid to leave in place for a while, use raw/rough cut crystals & make sure they are cleansed & charged as needed.

Sunburst grids are charging grids, but they can be used to direct energy away from a certain space & by placing radiating protective crystals facing the centre on the side that needs protecting & placing charging crystals pointing away from the centre on the opposite side.

A sunburst grid can send healing energy over large distances to a specific person.

The sunburst crystal grid represents energising & revitalising.

You can use Carnelian, Citrine, Flint, Hematite, Celtic, Clear & Smokey Quartz, Red Jasper, Shungite & Sunstone.



The torus is a doughnut shaped ring of energy that is created by an infinite number of circles rotated round a central point.

It describes how the energy flows out & around a central core, the earths magnetic field produces a torus.

Energy flows round a grid in much the same way, concentrated around the centre stone.


Golden Ratio Triangle
Isosceles Triangle
Scalene Triangle

All triangles have three sides & three angles, but can take several forms, i.e. an equilateral, triangle has equal angles & sides, an isosceles triangles has two equal angles & sides & a scalene triangle has three unequal angles & sides.

The Golden Triangle is created from the Golden Ratio spiral, the angles & sides coming from the shortest side are equal.

A triangle represents things that are solid, substantial & complete in themselves.

Used as a grid, the triangle not only protects things that are inside it, it also radiates out energy to fill a space., creating a protective energy field around the area.

Triangular grids can be placed where energy needs changing, protection is needed, or there is conflict of some kind.

It can easily expand to fit the space, so it can be extremely useful to use when doing small long term grids.

A triangular grid combines emotion, intuition & logic; mind, body & spirit; past, present & future & thought, word & deed.

Triangular grids are extremely useful for creating peace & giving you the strength to overcome.

An equilateral triangle is the core of the crystal & elemental worlds.

A triangle creates five regular polyhedral shapes, known as the Platonic solids.

In sacred geometry a triangle represents creation, integration, manifestation, protection & tranquillity.

A triangular grid can replicate itself endlessly.

The hexagram & pentagram are extended triangles & a ‘solid’ Tetractys triangle can give your intention added power.

Lay the outer crystals first, then fill in the circles.

You will need crystals that are good for anchoring, grounding & protection, you will also need high vibration light bringing crystals.

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