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Clairaudience is the ability to hear beyond the normal range.

Sometimes, your hearing might pick up high frequencies from the world of animals & insects, or very low frequencies, like the deep earth moan of a distant earthquake.

These are a persons ‘guides’ in shamanic terms.

The Power Of the Siddhis

There are many attractive powers – siddhis to be achieved through yogic development.

It’s important to develop the third eye chakra in the realm of dreams, imagination & visualisation.

The Power Of Imagination

Learn to respect your intuition & any flashes of insight – sometimes called second sight, that you may be blessed with; don’t say, “I only imagined it”, your imagination is very powerful; it can create worlds.

If you don’t respect your intuition, you could block the entry of UV light & its counterpart, Divine light.

As the pineal gland starts to vibrate with Divine Light, the kundalini serpent power begins its spiralling ascent from the base towards the head chakras, from a yogic point of view.

Divine Light is gathered together at the top of the sutratma – a kind of light channel, or ‘soul thread’ that passes down from the highest part of the auric field into the physical body.

If we don’t respect our spiritual nature energy becomes blocked & illness can show in our physical body, i.e. brain, ear eye or nose ailments.

Frequent headaches are sometimes caused by energy that’s become blocked – which could be a sign that you aren’t hearing or seeing something that’s important for your soul development.

Deities Associated With The Third Eye Chakra



Shiva is the destroyer & is shown at the centre of the third eye by an inverted triangle, that is symbolic of the trinity of the godhead, & of the supreme level that can be achieved in life on earth.

The trinity is Sat, Chit & Ananda – reality, consciousness & joy.

Sometimes Shiva is shown as a white penis inside a golden triangle of the yoni – feminine sexuality, showing divine sexual bliss.

When he is showing the side of Kameshvara he sits in the traditional lotus position; Kameshvara is said to be the most beautiful male, with snakes round his neck, with his blue body resting on a staff & his third eye open.

When he is showing the side of Kameshvara, he holds his beloved Kameshvari – the most beautiful goddess, who usually lives in the base chakra as kundalini energy, but has risen through the chakras to meet him.

Shakti Hakini

Shakti Hakini is normally shown as moon white or a mixture of black, red & white in colour.

She has a number of heads – sometimes up to six, that are three eyed.

Shakti Hakini usually has six arms & holds a book, a rudraska rosary & a skull.

The small drum symbolises time, the skull reminds us we have many lives on earth, but they all pass away & what we are left with is our Divine self.

She makes the hand gestures of giving blessings & getting rid of fear.

Shakti Hakini is usually shown in white clothes that has a red top, she is sitting on a white lotus flower.

Her minds are purified by drinking the Divine Nectar.

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