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Extrasensory perception – ESP ,it’s the ability to use your intuition, which comes from your brow chakra, it is helped by two minor chakras at your temples.

Your ability to see beyond the physical world is called clairvoyance – seeing clearly; if you hear sounds or voices from the spirit realm is called clairaudience – hearing clearly; if you sense perfume & smells from the spirit realm is called clairsentience – smelling clearly.

Some people are lucky enough to be born with these abilities & if they are recognised & allowed to develop, they often work as clairvoyants, healers or mediums.

Children often see auras around people, believing it’s the natural way to see things, which it is, but adults who don’t believe in this sort of thing will take them to the opticians for an eye test.

More babies are now being born to parents who recognise the importance of encouraging these abilities.

There has been an increase in people who are interested in mysticism & spirituality, just look at the range of books that are available on the subject today, compared to twenty five years ago; it shows the fundamental change that’s taking place in human consciousness.

The Body’s Command Centre

Your crown & third eye chakras specialise in converting energies of the multidimensional universe.

They are linked to the control system of endocrine glands that affect the physiology of your body from cellular gene to the functioning of your central nervous system.

Your pituitary gland is linked to your third eye chakra.

Its movements provide a deep connection between your brain & your immune system, which can show how emotional trauma experienced & recorded through your brain can create physical illness.

Your pineal gland is receptive to light & becomes active when your crown chakra is open.

With its links to your pituitary gland, it can improve your psychic abilities, allowing you to see within, or to have second sight.

Third Eye Imbalances

If you get ear or sinus problems, or get headaches, particularly migraines, or endocrine imbalances, it could be caused by not wanting to hear or see something that is vitally important to the growth of your soul, at an energy level.

Try to follow the saying – don’t put off until tomorrow that can be done today & do visualisation exercises, concentrating on the ones that refer to your third eye & it will help stop these problems & encourage physical & spiritual well being.

Crystals To Activate The Third Eye

If you want to develop your intuition, the third is the chakra you need to work with.

It will work better if the lower chakras are balanced before you work on the your third eye.



Diamond Gemstones

Diamonds can help to move into deeper levels, they’re one of the finest examples of the crystal world that we’ve been given by Mother Nature, they show all her beauty & timelessness.

When diamonds are worn as jewellery their power enlarges & strengthens the energy field;

How we feel & think will be amplified as well on the astral/emotional & mental level.

When diamonds are used in meditation, they strengthen the aura in the areas around the casual & spiritual bodies.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond Necklace

If you haven’t got, or can’t get a diamond to energise the third eye, you can use a herkimer diamond instead;

Herkimer diamond is very clear & nearly as hard as diamonds & they normally have a point at both ends – double terminated.

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