The Sixth Chakra – Third Eye/Brow Chakra

This chakra is at the centre of your brow & it represents the inner eye & is also known as the third eye or eye of wisdom.

The yogic symbol for the third eye shows a lotus flower with two petals, but they are actually two sides – like the two hemispheres of your brain, each has forty eight petals.

These two sides show everything that has a dual aspect, such as, female & male, hot & cold, light & dark & the battle & duality that happens between ego & spirit in this chakra.

More often than not, your ego thinks it supplies you with everything you needs & the chakra remains undeveloped & almost shut down.

If this centre is balanced, the chakra will be fully open to its enormous potential, so that spirit can manifest itself.

The third eye chakra’s element is ether.

The Functions Of The Third Eye

The third eye chakra is linked with ‘manas’, or mind that is beyond the most subtle elements in Tantric yoga.

The third eye can be known as the eye of psychic vision.

When we’re fully connected to the power in the third eye, we can step beyond the mind & enter the realms of knowledge & wisdom, but, if the third eye is blocked we can confuse information with knowledge.

Health Issues & The Third Eye

Some people say the third eye is a remainder from a reptilian stage of human evolution, but it might actually have been the primary eye to form within the brain & should be called the first eye.

Associated Body Systems

Physical problems linked to the third eye are ear & eye problems & headaches, problems generally within the skull.

If people are stressed or get headaches continually, it’s suggested that the third eye chakra needs attention, & meditation is a way to ‘feed’ it.

Going for a walk & looking at nature can help relax the eyes, which helps keep energy levels up, since the natural world benefits the entire body.

Associated Endocrine Gland

The third eye chakra is energetically linked to the pineal gland, it’s also linked to the pituitary gland.

The pineal gland looks like a tiny pine cone at the centre of the brain directly behind the eyes.

It secretes melanin & serotonin that come into pay when relaxing before meditating.

The Third Eye & Psychic Skills

It’s been said that when the pineal gland is energised with Divine Light, it links to the pituitary gland, & it becomes a communication channel with the higher spiritual planes & allows an exchange of information.

It’s said that the crown chakra increases in size & strength, & the centre point of its energy vortex reaches down to the pineal gland, a burst of pure pranic energy is received when this happens.

The vibrational levels throughout the auric fields become highly charged with Light when the crown chakra is energised this way.

Some people say that if the light vibrations of the astral body are speeded up enough, it will be able to separate from the physical body, which can lead to astral travel.

The pineal, pituitary & the third eye must all be energised & vibrate together, to be able to astral travel; this is done through deep meditation.

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