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Crystals To Activate The Throat Chakra

Blue & yellow topaz are the crystals suggested to energise the throat chakra.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Gemstones

When you want to do deeper spiritual work, or perform with your voice, blue topaz is a great crystal to use.

The main purpose of blue topaz is to bring the body’s meridians into line.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

Yellow topaz can be used to energise the throat chakra at a physical level.

It’s said to strengthen the nervous system & will help our entire metabolism.

Crystals To Calm The Throat Chakra

All semi precious gemstones give a high quality healing vibration that’s concentrated & more powerful than less precious stones, you could use a piece of emerald or sapphire jewellery if you haven’t got tumbles.

Emerald & sapphire are great gemstones to calm any of the chakras.

You might see hidden colours in a crystal when you hold it up to the light.

The colour of a crystal that’s placed on the body will attract anything that is no longer needed & replace it with the vibration that is needed, this is because of the interference pattern that’s made by the crystalline structural matrix over the body’s field. This is true of clear crystals & opaque coloured stones.

A stones colour is a reflection of the mineral content within its structure, or the way light passes through its crystalline matrix.

The colour is seen as a vibrational message by our subtle colour awareness at the deepest cellular level, it helps the release & rebalancing of the entire body.

Crystals To Balance The Throat Chakra


Chrysocolla Bracelet

Chrysocolla can be used to get rid of fears

Gem Silica

Raw Gem Silica

Gem silica is a great stone to balance & calm the throat chakra.

Throat Chakra Overview

Indian Name: Vishuddha

Associated Element: Ether

Symbol: Six petaled lotus flower

Throat Chakra Symbol

Colour Of Petals: Turquoise or smokey blue

Indian God & Goddess: Sadasiva & Sakini


Indian Animal: Elephant

Key Issues: Communication, self expression & will

Energy Function: Acts as a bridge between physical & spiritual energies

Physical Location: Between your collarbone & larynx on your neck.

Associated Spinal Area: Third cervical vertebra

Physiological System: Respiratory

Endocrine Glands: Thyroid/parathyroid

Nerve Plexus: Cervical ganglia

Activity: Speech

Body Sense: Hearing

Inner Aspect: Expression

Life Lesson: To resonate with compassion

Physical Action: Communication

Mental Action: Fluent Thought

Emotional Action: Independence

Spiritual Action: Inspiration

Gemstone To Energise: Topaz

Topaz Gemstones

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Raw Emerald Chunk
Sapphire Pendant

Crystals To Balance: Gem silica & turquoise

Raw Gem Silica
Turquoise Pendant

Essential Oil: Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil

Planets: Jupiter & Mars


Metals: Iron & tin

Raw Iron

Native American Animal: Humans

Colour To Balance/Energise: Turquoise

Colour To Calm: Misty pale blue

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