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I’d like to start your journey into the wonderful world of crystals by talking about tumblestones.

They are normally the best kind to start with, as they are quite small & inexpensive.

Tumblestones are small polished crystals that can be put in a pouch near where they are needed, used to boost the power of the psalms, if you are using them in a trick (Hoodoo for spell), or put in a pouch & carried with you.

There are many different crystals that can be made into tumblestones.

The majority of tumblestones I have are used in healing pouches for family & friends.

As I have 6 selenite bowls full of them, I have a lot to choose from.

To start with, have a look at pictures of some of the different ones available. It’s surprising how many different shapes tumblestones come in, they aren’t all the same shape & size of small marbles; some are smaller & some are bigger.

Buying Tumblestones

Where to buy? Normally, I’d suggest going into a ‘New Age’ shop, but under the current circumstances, I suggest going online for a little ‘shiny shopping

The lady who owns them, Claire Hubble can help you find the crystal you’re looking for that won’t break the bank lol.

Another way to buy tumblestones is to buy a crystal Advent calendar, unlike an ordinary Advent calendar, where all the goodies have gone by Xmas Eve, there will be 24 beautiful tumblestones to add to your collection.

Claire sells crystal Advent calendars too

There are a variety of different shapes, sizes & prices to choose from.

This is my calendar for 2020

Crystal Advent Calendar

Tumblestone Sets

Below are pictures of my tumblestones, they are all different shapes & sizes, but generally tumblestones don’t get much bigger than these.

The sets of tumblestones I use for heart, liver & sleep are a small selection of the many different ones there are.

Heart Tumblestones
Liver Tumblestones
Sleep Tumblestones

To be able to carry the tumblestones with you, I suggest using a medium sized pouch.

The ones I use are 9cm x 7cm & are big enough to hold 6 tumblestones.

Before you use your tumblestones, you will need to cleanse & charge them.

Medium Sized Pouches

When you’ve cleansed your tumblestones, you will need to store them somewhere, I suggest using a large pouch, or a selenite bowl.

The large pouch is 12cm x 10cm & is big enough to hold 20 tumblestones.

Large Pouch

Both size pouches are available from Amazon, ebay & Etsy

Selenite Bowls with Tumblestones

There are several different tumblestones that can be used for the same thing, if used together, they will enhance each others effects.

Sometimes when you are holding a tumblestone, you might feel your hands tingle, it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just the energy from the crystal, which is a good thing, it means it’s ready to use.

You may not get the same feeling when you hold other tumblestones, don’t worry, they don’t all do it.

You may find over time, you will drawn to certain ones, this might because you are thinking about something or someone & you have a tumblestone that could help.

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