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Deities Associated With The Throat Chakra



Sadasiva is half man, half woman in Hindu teachings – Sakti & Shiva combined.

He represents the harmony of feminine & masculine aspects of our nature in order to grow.

Sadasiva has fives faces – representing the five senses, each face has three eyes, he is making the hand gesture of getting rid of fears with one hand & he carries nine other symbolic items;

a noose – that shows the danger being caught up in spiritual pride, the goad – a sharp pointed stick that shows the need to make more effort, the great snake – showing wisdom, a trident – showing unity of the casual, etheric & physical bodies, a flame – for the fires of kundalini energy, a bell for the quality of inner healing, a diamond sceptre for indestructibility, a sword for need to learn discrimination & a battleaxe for cutting away old aspects of the self.


Sakini is Sadasiva’s female aspect & wife, she is described as light itself.

She is an aspect of Gauri – the mother of the universe; she can give psychic powers & can talk to us through our dreams.

Sakini is usually shown dressed in yellow sitting on a red lotus flower; she has five faces tat have two eyes & an awakened third eye chakra.

She has four arms & holds a book for wisdom, a goad for control & a noose for intellectual power in three of them & she makes the sacred Inana mudra over her heart with the fourth.

Helping Offenders

The power of chakras is being used to help offenders in society.

Some European prisons teach meditation & yoga to inmates.

In one young offenders institute, Reiki has been used effectively with teenage drug abusers.

It’s possible to see a developed awareness of the power of self expression, for teachers & their ability to share it with others– the main quality of the throat chakra from these examples.

Some clairvoyants say that drug or alcohol abuse can make the chakra to be open for too long or to fluctuate wildly in their action, causing great confusion – the throat chakra should open & close naturally.

Your body will sense that these substances are pollutants & try to get rid of them, which will put extra strain on all your chakras..

Throat Chakra Blockages

If the throat chakra is blocked it could end up causing depression, or worse, suicidal thoughts.

It may help ease the situation if a qualified counsellor is contacted, it will encourage the self expression aspect of this chakra.

There are other ways to ease depression; i.e. colour therapy may be given by a colour practitioner or healer as coloured light, turquoise blue – the colour linked to your throat chakra is normally used.

You can boost the effect of colour therapy by buying a turquoise crystal, or by visualising the colour, you could also try wearing a turquoise scarf around your neck.

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