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Associated Endocrine Glands

The thyroid produces thyroxine T4 which helps brain & body growth, it also repairs body cells; it also produces parathyroids that produce parathormone, which helps process calcium & phosphate

Emotional Issues & The Throat Chakra

We show an image of ourselves when we speak; the way we communicate changes throughout our lifetime; a man won’t sound the same at fifty the way he did at ten, which means the way he speaks will be different, depending on his age & life experience.

Freeing Up Channels Of Communication

As we go through life, the throat chakra is closely linked to the progression of communication.

A fluid auric field will help the throat chakra function & will feed the communication processes.

If the throat chakra is blocked, it may lead to depression.

A problem is shared & self expression through the throat chakra is helped when we talk things over with someone.

A lot of people use their voice to express the emotional needs of the lower chakras on a daily basis.

The Importance Of Listening

The voice has the power to transform lives, but we often forget how effective we can be when we clearly communicate.

Listening is the real secret of communication.

When we listen properly to what somebody else is saying we can sort out the different layers behind & within their words.

The Throat Chakra & Spiritual Issues

The throat chakra channels the ether – akasha into the body & represents the source of all sounds & vibrations.

It’s been said that the ability to hear all sounds & understand other languages through clairaudience & ESP is possible when the throat chakra is fully activated.

Satya – The Truthfulness Of Speech

When we face up to our own truth, we are stripped bare & vulnerable, the mask of social conditioning is dropped.

This is called maya or illusion in yoga.

The throat chakra wishes tat we use our voice to give praise.

Prayer is more than a request for your god to fulfil, it’s a link between your soul & the joint field of consciousness that includes every other animal, human & the planet.

Prayers are thought forms that give information to the spirit of nature & other worlds.

When it’d active, we can express ourselves through the throat chakra, by praying, singing or talking, we are naturally in praise of all the forces of creation.

The teachings of the throat chakra encourages us to let our light shine, our voices ring out with love & truth.

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