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The Fifth Chakra –throat

Because your throat chakra is at a physical point on your neck where your body narrows & concentrates all of its energies to pass information up to your brain, think of your throat chakra as a bridge.

It’s a bridge too in the constant development of the inner aspects of chakra energies, because, once your throat chakra is open, you can gain access to a different land – another side of the river of life – the spirit realms.

The nature element that’s linked to your throat chakra is Ether.

Ether is an obscure energy, mysteriously supporting other dimensions of soul & spirit.

The yogic symbol for the throat chakra is lotus flower with smokey blue petals, this represents the Ether.

The throat chakras symbolic animal is an elephant without a yoke, this shows the instinctive power & strength that can be developed from this chakra.

Your throat chakra is primarily linked to the thyroid & the parathyroid glands in your body.

The glands produce hormones for normal growth & absorption of calcium.

Your sense of hearing, speech & to some extent, your respiratory system are connected to your throat chakra.

If there are any imbalances in these areas that show as discomfort or disease, your throat chakra will need to healed.

The Function Of The Throat Chakra

The first petal of the sixteen petals represents Pranava – the mantra OM/AUM, the next seven are mantras & the final eight are linked to nectar & seven musical tones.

It’s the place where we speak or sing our love for our god/goddesses, partner & our world.

Sometimes, we can use our voice to hurt, saying things that destroy & the energies of the throat chakra are turned inward.

The throat chakra won’t get ‘food’ from the sacred ether, unless good words are spoken.

When there is an energy imbalance in the throat chakra, it can show as ear, nose, respiratory problems in your physical body; if there is discomfort in these areas, your throat chakra will be the first one to give healing.

We can learn to truly feel that we’re ‘in our body’ & express the creative & life affirming aspects of ourselves when the throat chakra is in balance.

Health Issues & The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra can help you be powerful beyond words – an aspect that’s shown by its symbolic animal – an elephant.

Associated Body Systems

The throat chakra is physically linked to the production of hormones that balance the thyroid.

The thyroid & the smaller parathyroid glands in the neck keep a variety of body functions going throughout our lives; this includes blood calcium & phosphate levels & repairing body cells.

A lack of energy in the throat chakra can make you feel afraid or timid, but an overactive throat chakra can cause people to be excessive talkers.

When the throat chakra is balanced, life can be affirmed in the way we express ourselves through song.

It gives form to the feelings of the heart & helps to telepathically communicate.

When the throat chakra is balanced it helps to develop an appreciation of other things, which means there is less time to be focused on ourselves.

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