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Crystal necklaces can be made from crystal chips, polished or rough crystals that are usually strung on a length of cord, or on a gold or silver chain.


Red Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian treats lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia & depression.

It regulates the kidneys, & speeds up healing in bones & ligaments.

Carnelian improves vitamin & mineral absorption & ensures good blood supply to organs & tissues.

Chalcedony – Blue

Blue Chalcedony Necklace

Blue Chalcedony is extremely useful when dealing with anything linked to the respiratory tract & throat.

It’s said to be good for vocal strain, caused by singing/shouting as well as damage caused by smoking.

Blue Chalcedony is excellent at reducing extreme weather sensitivity, as well as pressure in the ears & eyes.

Chalcedony – Dendritic

Dendritic Chalcedony Necklace

Dendritic Chalcedony is thought to be helpful in treating chronic illness, problems linked with the absorption of copper, bones, circulatory system, cleansing, dementia, holistic healing, immune system, mineral absorption, mineral build-up in veins, physical energy, senility & smoking .

It’s thought to help the gallbladder & spleen.

Dendritic Chalcedony is said to help cleanse the blood & the circulatory system.

Chalcedony – Pink

Pink Chalcedony Necklace

Pink Chalcedony can boost the immune system.

It can boost the lymphatic system.

Pink Chalcedony can reduce the symptoms of dementia & senility.

It can help balance blood pressure & body temperature.

Pink Chalcedony can strengthen blood, bones, circulatory system, gallbladder, heart & spleen.

It can increase physical energy & stamina.

Pink Chalcedony can help heal eyes & open sore related health problems.


Chariote Necklace

Chariote gives a boost, reduces stress & worry.

It boosts & regulates blood pressure & pulse rate, improves sleep, overcomes insomnia & eases nightmares.

Charoite treats the eyes, heart, liver & pancreas as well as healing general conditions of the nervous system.


Chrysocolla Necklace

Chrysocolla treats arthritis, blood disorders, bone disease, lung problems, muscle spasms & osteoporosis .

It detoxifies the intestines, kidneys & liver.

Chrysocolla re-oxygenates the blood, regrows the pancreas & regulates insulin.

It can strengthen muscles & eases muscle cramps.

Chrysocolla heals infections, lowers blood pressure & soothes burns.

It treats PMS & menstrual cramps.


Chrysoprase Necklace

Chrysoprase helps speed up the recovery process of any type of wound.

It’s said that it can heal at night when kept near your bed while sleeping.

Chrysoprase can heal eye problems, improve eyesight, & cure hormonal imbalances in the body.

Chrysoprase can be extremely useful if you have trouble sleeping.


Citrine Chip Necklace

Citrine is said to be useful for illnesses linked to the circulatory system, diabetes, digestion, endocrine system, fibromyalgia, general health, heart, immune system, kidney, liver, muscles, nightmares, other sleep disturbances, stomach, thyroid, tissue regrowth, & the urinary system.

Citrine is also said to be good for overcoming addictions & removing toxins.


Coral Necklace

Coral act as a defensive shield, protecting against cuts, bruises, & other types of damages.

It may also help purify the blood by removing toxins.

Coral’s energies can help with tissue regrowth.

It can also help with nutrient deficiency & stress.

Coral helps with cholesterol & digestion regulation.

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