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Base Chakra continued

Deities Linked With The Base Chakra


Statue of Brahma

Brahma is the lord of creation & is shown as having four heads, this symbolises that he is all knowing & can see in four directions at the same time.; his heads also show the four forms of human consciousness; the emotional self, the physical self, the rational self & the intuitive self. He is also shown having four arms; in his upper left hand he holds a lotus flower, a Hindu symbol of purity, lower left hand, the sacred Hindu scriptures, lower right hand, a vase with the nectar of life – amrita in it, upper right hand is raised in the hand gesture – mudra of granting fearlessness.

Brahma is shown as a child, this reflects the relative immaturity of the consciousness at this level.

Mediating on Brahma helps develop peacefulness & stillness.


Statue Of Dakini

Dakini is Brahma’s wife & combines the forces of the Creator, the Destroyer & the Preserver, she represents the revelation of Divine knowledge & amrita.

She is sometimes shown riding a fierce lion, this shows the lower human nature, she also holds several symbolic items.

In her lower left hand she holds a trident, this shows her destructive energies, upper left hand, a skull, which shows detachment from the fear of death, which is said to be a common psychological block in the base chakra, upper right hand she holds a sword which represents the power to overcome difficulties & fear, lower left hand she holds a shield for protection against that could take you away from your spiritual path.

Crystals To Calm The Base Chakra

Small uncut pieces of raw emerald or blue sapphire are recommended to calm your base chakra.

To get clarity about spiritual matters use a blue sapphire to create a connection between your ancestral roots & cosmic & spiritual origins.


Raw Emerald

Emerald can be used to calm your base chakra & can give you a deeper connection to Mother Earth, it helps to ground you so you feel more at peace with your life on Earth.

It is important to be grounded through your base chakra, otherwise your other chakras won’t be fully aligned with you soul purpose.

Your base chakra is where kundalini energy ‘sleeps’ curled up,n if your base chakra & kundalini are out of balance, you are more likely to give in to your most basic sexual actions.

People who show great anger, whether it’s sexual, or not will have an unbalanced base chakra & no amount of treatment will cure it until it has been balanced.

When anger is stuck at your base chakra it blocks the energetic Earth connection completely & you won’t be able to experience the beauty of kundalini rising through your chakra system.

A piece of emerald or blue sapphire jewellery will work just as well as a raw piece.

Crystals To Balance The Base Chakra

You can get a set of chakra crystals – they are seven tumbles the same colours as your chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet

Tumbles are just as effective as raw pieces & they are sometimes cheaper too.

It is better to balance your chakras one at a time, rather than all at the same time, so you can balance each chakra properly.


Red Carnelian Crystal

A small carnelian tumbles perfect for balancing your base chakra; you can tape a flat tumble to a painful area to ease the pain, make sure to cleanse & charge the tumble after you have used it.

Black tourmaline can be used as well.

Raw Black Tourmaline

Base Chakra Imbalances

Disorders that can affect your bottom, sexual organs & spine are all connected to any imbalances of your base chakra.

To treat this in a holistic way, you would need to look for the underlying cause, rather than just treating the symptoms.

Holistic therapies – such as crystal healing, make a body/mind connection with the subtle energy of the chakras.

Chronic constipation can be referred to as abase/root dysfunction, that could be caused by unnecessarily holding on to old resentments & thoughts.

Diarrhea could also be a base/root dysfunction, but it could reflect a habit of getting rid of things too quickly, rejecting new idea because of fear of failure.

Kundalini energy is curled up at the base of the chakra, like a sleeping snake.

The serpent is another way of describing the strong, pranic type life force that represents the surge of sexual energy that can rise unchecked trough your spine & chakras.

Spontaneous & sudden awakening of Kundalini can cause pain, heat & other unpleasant feelings, so esoteric practices like yoga will encourage slow movement of this powerful energy up through your chakras.

Your body needs Kundaliniconstantly, to restore the natural cycles of growth & decay; if it is limited,every part of your body will be compromised & you will sense a loss of life force.

Balancing your chakras can help this process.

When people are unable to accept their own sexuality, base chakra flow is held back & it can end up by showing as diseases of the sexual organs.

If your base chakra is disconnected from the earth, you can’t get rid of the waste emotions.

Base Chakra Overview

Indian Name: Muladhara

Associated Element: Earth

Symbol: Four petaled lotus flower

Base Chakra Symbol

Colour of petals: Red

Indian God & Goddess: Brahma & Dakini


Indian Animal: Elephant with seven trunks

Key Issues: Lust, obsessions & sexuality

Energy Function: Stabilises earth energy that enters your body through your feet & legs.

Physical Location: Between your bottom & genitals, opening downward.

Associated Spinal Area: Fourth sacral vertebra.

Physiological System: Reproductive

Endocrine Gland: Gonads – genitals

Nerve Plexus: Sacral-coccygeal

Activity: Generation

Body Sense: Smell

Inner Aspect: Grounding spiritual energies

Life Lesson: Establishing your purpose & survival on earth.

Physical Action: Sexuality

Mental Action: Stability

Emotional Action: Sensuality

Spiritual Action: Security

Gemstone To Energise: Garnet & ruby

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Raw Emerald
Sapphire Pendant

Crystals To Balance: Black tourmaline & carnelian

Raw Black Tourmaline
Pink Carnelian Tumble

Essential Oil: Patchouli

Patchouli Flower

Planet: Mars


Metal: Iron

Raw Iron

Native American Animal: Snake

Corn Snake

Colour To Balance/Energise: Red

Colour To Calm: Pink

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