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The Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra

Your crown chakra is the chakra that activates & opens you up to higher consciousness & it can be known as the thousand petaled lotus & is called Sahasrara in Indian.

The crown chakra has been described as having a thousand white petals arranged in twenty layers, each layer has fifty petals with the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet on them.

The two basic energies of duality, known as feminine & masculine unite, bond & transform at this chakra, creating a super consciousness that is beyond space & time, when it’s fully active.

The Higher Self & human personality join in this super consciousness.

Tiny jewels of all that is , all that has been & all that will ever be are carried as soul seeds from one lifetime to another.

When you begin to see what theses word mean, it’s like an enormous power being lit up in your mind; some people have described this experience many different ways, some say the top of their head feels like it’s splitting, a fountain of Divine light flowed in & out & I was taken into the light.

Normal life seems very boring, once you start to have these kind of experiences & you see everything as a play of subtle energies.

The Functions Of The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is said to be the place of pure consciousness.

It’s at the end of the main susumna nadi, where it combines with the energies of the pingala nadi (solar & masculine energy) & the ida nadi ( lunar & feminine energy) that have joined at the third eye during the rising of kundalini.

Health Issues & The Crown Chakra

The connection point for the crown chakra is thought to be the fontanelle – the ‘soft spot’ on a newborn baby’s head.

It’s been said that when this spot closes, the baby’s awareness of the infinite universe becomes locked in, then is forgotten about till later in life.

Associated Body Systems

In Indian traditions, it’s been said that physical illnesses are a result of being separated from the infinite universe.

The auric field & chakras are important in keeping us healthy.

Associated Endocrine Glands

The pineal gland is said to be the cond7uctor of the ‘orchestra’ of all the glands, & the pituitary gland is the lead musician, both of them are linked to the crown chakra.

The endocrine glands & the crown chakra focus energetic information coming through the auric field at the crown.

Deities Associated With The Crown Chakra



The crown chakra is known as the ‘abode of Shiva’, it’s where the divisions of Shiva & Shakti are settled; it’s also where the goddess Dakini reaches the end of her journey, having been woken up in the base chakra.

Lord Shiva is the third person in the Hindu triad of gods & is both the creator & destroyer of life.

Shiva is shown as being beyond the power of death, with cobras twisted round his neck; the cobras show the mastery of kundalini – the serpent power.

He sits on a tiger skin, he took the skin from Shakti’s totem animal.

His hair is matted because he is Lord of the Wind & he wears a thin crescent moon diadem.

The trident of Shiva shows the three functions of the creator, destroyer & preserver.



Shakti is the female version of the masculine energy that sustains the world, & is given many names that show her multidimensional qualities.

She is known as the Great Goddess, in her role as the wife of Shiva, she is called Durga or Parvati.

She is worshipped by millions of people every day throughout India.

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