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Crystals To Calm The Third Eye

When people get a lot of headaches, it could mean they are getting a lot of psychic information & are finding it difficult to process.

Calming doesn’t mean stopping anything of a spiritual nature & maybe you’re meant to be opening up to bigger possibilities.


Emerald Tumbles

The colour vibration of emerald calms the third eye & can reduce headaches.

Emerald can be used when meditating to help slow the rate that information is sent to your third eye.


Sapphire Pendant

Sapphire can be used to bring deep insights into matters of a spiritual nature if taped to the third eye during meditation.

Crystals To Balance The Third Eye

The third eye chakra has had a very special ‘love affair’ with lapis lazuli (lapis) throughout history.

Lapis was used in a number of ancient cultures to balance a person’s highest spiritual powers.

If we could look into the distant past, we’d find that people were much more spiritually developed than they are today.

People everywhere could ‘talk’ with animal, crystals, flowers & trees.

Lapis Lazuli (Lapis)

Lapis Tumblestone

Good quality lapis is dark blue in colour, with flecks of iron pyrites in it.

It’s found mainly in Afghanistan & India, both of which are areas of rich cultural & spiritual heritage.

It was used in the tomb of King Tutankhamun & Egyptian women used to grind it up & use it as eye shadow.

Lapis strengthens the thyroid & parathyroid glands & skeletal system.

It’s used at the third eye to access the deep cellular memory, & bring any fears to the surface to be accepted in the lives through the wisdom of higher consciousness.

Third Eye Overview

Indian Name: Ajna

Associated Element : Spirit

Symbol: Two petaled lotus flower

Colour Of Petals: Deep indigo blue

Indian God & Goddess: Shiva & Shakti Hakini


Indian Animal: None

Key Issues: Balancing your higher & lower selves & trusting your inner guidance

Energy Function: Combining feminine & masculine energies

Physical Location: The centre of your brow

Associated Spinal Area: First cervical vertebra

Physiological Systems: Endocrine & nervous system

Endocrine Gland: Pituitary

Nerve Plexus: Hypothalamus & pituitary

Activity: Insight

Body Sense: Clairvoyance

Inner Aspect: Intuition

Life Lesson: Completing the karmic lesson of this lifetime

Physical Action: Visualisation

Mental Action: Intuition

Emotional Action: Clarity

Spiritual Action: Meditation

Gemstone To Energise: Diamond or Herkimer Diamond

Diamond Gemstones
Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

Gemstone To Calm: Emerald & sapphire

Emerald Tumblestones
Sapphire Pendant

Crystal To Balance: Lapis lazuli (lapis)

Lapis Tumble

Essential Oil: Frankincense

Frankincense Essential Oil

Planets: Saturn & Uranus


Metals: Lead & silver

Pencil Lead
Silver Coins

Native American Animal: All ancestors, multidimensional beings of light & spirit guides

Colour To Balance/Energise: Ultramarine

Colour To Calm: Indigo blue

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