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Advanced Crystal Grids

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is used in the Jewish practise of Kabala, to understand the nature of the Divine & the way the world was created.

Showing the drop of spirit into matter, it is considered as the map of reality by energy healers; thirty two pathways leading to the expansion of the knowledge of the Divine, or the wisdom of the universal mind.

It can also be known as the path to knowing God, or the path to knowing the Self.

The Celtic Tree of Life is drawn with branches reaching towards the sky & roots spreading into the earth below, but the branches & roots join in a circle, showing the connection between heaven & earth & the eternal nature of cyclical life & afterlife.

The Tree of Life is created from the centre of the Flower of Life, a Celtic Tree of Life is drawn with branches reaching towards the sky & roots deep in the earth, united by the tree trunk, the branches & roots also meet.

The Tree of Life can be expanded & stretched to cover an area within the environment, or cover the human body.

Crystals are placed on the ten major points of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to bring unity.

The Tree of Life is used for balancing heaven & earth, or lead to a deeper understanding of spirit..

It is extremely useful for laying around & on your body to balance the chakras & energy flow around the body.

It can also be buried outside & left for a long time.

The Celtic Tree of Life is perfect for placing in your home to heal the ancestral line & take forgiveness back to the past.

Use a cloth or baseplate with the tree printed on will maximise the effect.

You will need Ancestralite, Anandalite, Clear, Green & Yellow Calcite, Cradle of Life, Dumortierite, Freedom Stone, Hematite, Kambaba Jasper & Celtic Quartz.

The Tree of Life represents nature of the Divine.

Triple Spiral (The Triskelion)

Triple Spiral

The triple spiral is a powerful symbol of activation, expansion & movement, the opposite to everything that is firm & fixed.

It represents the three phases of life, conception, birth & death, creation, sustenance & destruction, the three phase of feminine power, maiden, mother & crone.

The triple spiral has extremely ancient knowledge within it, the meaning has sadly been largely lost.

It can be found on monuments & in rock carvings all over the world.

The triple spiral is created from three equal sized interlocking spirals, it brings opposite forces together, calming them & releasing them through the upper spiral., or it draws energy from the top spiral to saturate the bottom two.

Use a triple spiral when you need to draw powerful energy into a situation, or saturate it with light.

It is the perfect grid to use if you are going through puberty or the menopause, it can be used as a meditation pathway to expanded awareness.

The layout highlights & heals the present situation, it also reveals its origins; the bottom right spiral represents the present situation, the left hand spiral represents the underlying causes of the situation & the top spiral guarantees a beneficial outcome as you move into the next cycle.

It can be used for family, friends, at work, or to benefit the wider world.

Use crystals to make communication clearer on the top spiral, cleansing crystals for the left hand spiral & bright energy crystals in the right hand spiral.

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