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Types Of Yoga

Usually, the following types of yoga are used to bring each chakra into alignment.

Hatha & Kundalini yoga for your first chakra (Muladhara)

Bhakti for your second chakra (Svadisthana)

Tantra yoga for your third chakra (Manipura)

Karma yoga for your fourth chakra (Anahata)

Mantra yoga for your fifth chakra (Vishudda)

Jnana & Yantra yoga for your sixth chakra (Ajna)

The practice of all the different types of yoga just mentioned stimulate your seventh chakra (Sahasrara) & transcendental consciousness happens immediately.

Whichever type of yoga you practice, your chakras must be activated upwards, from your feet to your head.

This guarantees that your personal growth is grounded (with the element of earth) & balanced first at your base chakra.

Kundalini – The Serpent Of Fire

At your base chakra is the coiled serpent of Kundalini – the sexual urge & your primary means of sensing life.

In the East, Tantric practices have been developed to move sexual energy from your base to your higher chakras.

Yoga moves the Serpent Fire slowly through your chakras.

It increases your connection to nature & improves your sex drive in your first chakra.

It improves your understanding of others in your second chakra.

It improves your digestion in your third chakra.

It improves your heart function & the ability to feel love in your fourth chakra.

It helps you to express yourself in your fifth chakra.

It improves creativity in your sixth chakra.

It improves your ability to sleep & experience altered states of consciousness in your seventh chakra.

The final stage is a blissful spiritual experience.

Keeping Your Chakras Healthy

Your chakras & aura carry a blueprint of information from the cosmos.

They are like a mould or pattern that life pours itself into.

If you are exposed to pollution or infections, your chakras struggle to remain healthy.

You can help yourself a lot by doing chakra visualisation exercises & thinking positively.

If you waste your energy worrying about things you can’t control your stress levels will rise & your body will complain by giving you signs of illness, such as, lack of energy, tiredness, not being able to eat certain foods & mood swings, bags under your eyes, depression or irritability.

These can be early signs that subtle pranic energies entering through your chakras can’t keep up with the speed of your lifestyle.

As a result, you may experience cravings for alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, processed foods, sweets, fingernails that break easily, food allergies, hair in poor condition, muscle cramps & yeast infection (candida).

The more you worry about things, it is possible you may become ill on a regular basis; it is at this point you need to supplement traditional medicine with energy medicine.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is an all inclusive term used to describe the complementary practice & therapies that move & increase energy to improve the health of your body.

Complementary therapies are usually holistic – they treat the whole person & have a positive effect on your aura & chakras.

Therapies That Can Improve Your Chakras

The following therapies restore balance to your chakras & can also work on specific levels of your aura.

First chakra – Base

Base/Root Chakra

Your connection to your physical body.

Chiropractic, homeopathy, massage & osteopathy.

Second chakra – Sacral

Sacral Chakra

The etheric levels of your aura.

Acupuncture, herbalism, shiatsu, tai chi & yoga

Third chakra – Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra

The emotional levels of your aura.

Affirmations, counselling, flower essences, intuitive aromatherapy massage & relaxation techniques.

Fourth chakra – Heart

Heart Chakra

The mental level of your aura.

Colour light therapy, crystal healing & meditation.

Fifth chakra – Throat

Throat Chakra

The higher mental level of your aura.

Gem elixirs, metamorphic technique – working on the spinal reflexes of your feet, hands & head that relate to your prenatal period, radionics – holistic energy healing & toning sounds.

Sixth chakra – Third Eye/Brow

Third Eye/Brow Chakra

The spiritual level of your aura.

All forms of spiritual healing & Reiki – a type of hands on energy healing.

Seventh chakra – Crown

Transcendental meditation.

Your seventh chakra can’t be fully opened unless your other six chakras are balanced.

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