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This is the 9th part of crystal you can use to heal & align your chakras & your overall well being.

Quartz – Skeletal

It is good for helping you to emotionally heal yourself & it can improve your psychic abilities.

Quartz – Smokey Elestial

It can ease depression & improve your concentration.

Quartz – Spirit

It can open your crown chakra & cleanse & align all your chakras.

Quartz – Star Hollandite

It can ease anxiety & calm your thoughts.

Quartz – Strawberry

It can get rid of negative energy & ease anxiety.

Quartz – Tibetan Smokey

It can heal your aura & etheric blueprint.

Quartz – Yellow Phantom

It can remove negative mental attachments & improve your intellect.

Quartz – Yin Yang

It can improve your psychic & spiritual abilities & it links your creativity & intellect.

Quartz with Mica

It can get rid of negative energy & seal energy leaks in your aura .


It can help you remain stable & centred when you are making difficult decisions.

Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite)

It can improve your connection to the spirit world.

Sapphire – Purple

It can keep you emotionally calm & improve your psychic abilities.

Sapphire – Yellow

It can improve your focus.

Sapphire White

It can open your crown chakra & improve your spiritual awareness.

Scapolite – Purple

It can be used to give you emotional support & help you think clearly.



It is a strong stone to help communication, especially with spirit


Tree Of Life Design Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion & revealing the bigger picture behind any problem.

Selenite – Angel Wing

Fishtail (Angel Wing) Selenite Charging Plate

It can calm & stabilise your emotions& improve your connection to the angels.

Selenite – Golden

It can clear stuck emotions & improve your spiritual connection.

Selenite – Orange

Orange Selenite Pendulum

Orange Selenite works with your being to centre yourself as wished, making it a very useful stone in many areas of life. A stone to call upon in such a way where there are tasks to be completed, goals to be reached & desires to manifested.

It can help you concentrate on an exact area, as well helping the flow of energy to your higher chakras.


It can open your crown chakra & improve your connection to the angels.


Serpentine Tumblestones

It can clear & open your crown chakra & improve your psychic abilities.

Serpentine – Leopardskin

It can improve your meditation by giving you a direct link to your spirit guides.


It can improve your mental capacity & improve your spiritual abilities.

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