Chakra Crystals

This is the 13th instalment about the many different crystals you can use to heal & align your chakras & improve your overall well being.

Quartz – Flame Aura

Flame Aura Quartz Cluster

This crystal is one that brings insight, compassion, energy, excitement & joy into life’s experiences. It is capable of carrying higher frequency range, excellent for trance channels, mediums, psychics & maintains grounding while in a higher state of consciousness.

Quartz – Rainbow Aura

Rainbow Aura Quartz Fan

It is highly beneficial in multidimensional cellular memory healing. It is an efficient receptor for programming & bringing your body into balance.

Quartz – Smokey Phantom (Black)

It can clear negative emotional energy & help you heal your inner self.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Quartz – Snow

Snow Quartz Tumblestone

It has a strong connection to the crown chakra

It supports you so that your consciousness is open to receive guidance from the higher dimensions & allows you to be able to “see the bigger picture” & not get caught up in trivial, everyday issues.

Quartz – Starseed

It can get rid of negative energy & realign your etheric blueprint.

Quartz – Sugar Blade

It can help you communicate with other life forces.

Quartz – Tanzine Aura

Raw Tanzine Aura Quartz

Tanzine Aura improves your multi-dimensional balance & deep spiritual interconnection.

It opens & aligns the Soul Star and highest Crown Chakras, drawing cosmic energy into the physical body & to Earth.

Quartz – White Phantom

It can help you access light & information from the higher realms.

Rutile with Hematite

It can help deep clean & repair your karma & soul.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Sapphire – Purple

It can stabilise your emotions & improve your spiritual abilities.

Sedona Stone

It can improve your psychic abilities if placed on your Soma Chakra.

This is a very high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Peach

It can get rid of negative emotions, so you can spiritually evolve.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Selenite – Phantom

It can clear mental & spiritual confusion & cut karmic ties & it can reprogramme your cellular memory.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Spinel – Violet

It can refresh your energy & improves your spiritual development.

Topaz – Clear

It can remove stuck energy, it can make you aware of the karmic effect of your words & actions.

It can help clear your emotions & improve your cosmic awareness.

Topaz – Swiss Blue

It can improve your connection to the angel realm & your psychic abilities.

This is a very high vibration crystal.

Tourmaline – Colourless (Achroite)

It can clear & protect your aura & improve your connection to spiritual beings.


It can get rid of feeling of trauma & abuse & heal your soul at a deep level.


It can relieve mental stress & heal your inner child.

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My name is Chez, I am a hereditary witch who is addicted to crystals. I am a wife and mum of 2 children and 2 rescue Staffies & I use crystals to give my work an extra boost, as well as helping friends & family.

I was looking for an alternative to conventional medicine to relieve the pain of MS & epilepsy & a friend suggested I look into using crystals, so I did, & as they say the rest is history. I have made healing pouches for my Mum, her husband, my husband & daughter. 

I decided to write a blog to share my love of crystals with others, pass on the wonderful benefits they can bring & some of the things you can use them for.

The information in this blog in no way replaces professional medical help.

“For serenity, it is best to use a combination of crystals in your environment and carry crystals with you.”

~ Amy Leigh Mercree – Author of The Mood Book

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