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Read about the many different crystals you can use to heal & align your chakras & improve your over all well being.

Calcite – Blue

Raw Blue Calcite Chunk

It promotes inner vision, clairvoyance & telepathy

Blue Calcite can enhance or activate your intuition & inner sight.

Calcite – Cobaltoan ( Cobalto-Calcite)

It can get rid of emotional blockages & feelings of loneliness & grief.

Cobalto-Calcite can help you learn to love yourself & others.

Calcite – Green

It can help get rid of mental blocks that stop you thinking clearly, it can also ease the symptoms of anxiety & panic attacks.

Green calcite can improve your spiritual gifts.

Calcite – Optical (Iceland Spar)

It can cleanse your aura & help you think clearly.

Optical calcite can cleanse you on a physical, mental & spiritual level.

Calcite – Rhomboid

It can heal your mind from things that have harmed you in the past.

Rhomboid calcite can open your third eye.

Calcite – Stella Beam

It can calm your mind, easing feelings of anxiety & stress, it can also get rid of trapped energy from the past.

Stella beam calcite can improve your intuition, meditation & magical abilities.


Raw Cavansite

Cavansite has a vibration of happiness & optimism that will also help you develop your psychic & spiritual gifts.


Raw Celestite Chunk

It has strong metaphysical properties that will help you to develop the gift of prophecy & other psychic abilities. Celestite crystals help you contact your guardian angels.


It can help you let go of anything that hurt you in the past.

Chrysotile help you connect to your power animal.

This crystal is toxic, use in tumbled form ONLY

Citrine – Tourmalinated

It can improve your mental health, by easing depression & anxiety.

Tourmalinated citrine can improve your psychic abilities & your meditation.


It can help you deal with your shadow self, so you can get rid of any blockages that are stopping you grow.

Colemanite can improve your patience, improving your meditation.

This crystal is water soluble.


It is an excellent stone to use to protect you against any negativity

Columbite can keep your mind focused & improve your connection to the psychic realm.


It can improve your meditation by keeping your mind focused.

Conichalcite can help you cope with change.

An elixir can be made by the indirect method.

This is a toxic crystal ALWAYS wash your hands after touching it.


It can help you get rid of any negativity from the past, so you can move forward.

Covellite can align your mind, body & spirit, it can also improve your psychic abilities & meditation.


It can clear your aura.

Danburite can improve your spiritual awareness & help you connect to the angelic realm.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Danburite – Pink

It can open your third.

Pink danburite can help you learn to love yourself & heal your emotional blueprint.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Danburite – Yellow

It can ease stress & bring you peace.

Yellow danburite can help you connect to the angelic realm.


Raw Datolite

It can clear your mind & help you concentrate.

Datolite can help get rid of fear & grief.

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