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How To Sense Your Subtle Energies

To be able to see your subtle energies, you need to be relaxed, below are a few ideas you can try to prepare yourself, use them as often as you want to.


Switch off your mobile phone & anything else that could distract you.

Have a bath/shower – this will clean & tighten your auric field.

Sit quietly & practice pranic breathing.

Your goal is to slow down your brain function to a state of quiet calm – the state you can achieve is similar to deep relaxation & prepares you for mediation.


Say you want to see your aura for positive reasons, if you treat this as a party game, it won’t work.

If you are mediating, using yoga, or other spiritual traditions, your ability to see energy will improve, the more you practice.

Seeing Your Aura

Stand in front of a dark background in a candlelit room, with a mirror in front of you.

Look past your image with a soft gaze & you may start to see your energy field.

You may want to ask a friend to stand in front of the dark background & look past them with a soft gaze.

Don’t panic if you don’t succeed straight away, it won’t happen instantly, if you panic, your brainwaves will go back to normal activity levels & you will have to start again.

Once you have learned to see an aura like this, you might start seeing colours moving around or the spiral flow of your chakras.

Sensing Your Chakras

Ask a friend to help you to learn to sense their chakras & over time you will be able to sense your own chakras in the same way.

Ask your friend to lay down & use the palms of your hands to scan your friends body without touching it.

Keep your hands about five inches away from your friends body.

You may start to feel, not see different types of energies – they might be active, inactive or hot & cold.

Don’t talk while doing this as you won’t be able to sense any energy flow.

Shake you hands when you have finished to get rid of any unwanted energy, then swap places with your friend & ask them to sense your chakras.

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