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The Chakras as a blueprint

The same way your body has organs, your chakras are the organs of the luminous energy field.

They are pulsating discs of focused energy linked to certain colours.

The spiral of each chakra narrows as it nears your physical body & the seven major chakras hook directly into your spine.

Chakras send information from your aura & represent a blueprint of your body.

They also hold information of past pain & trauma, as imprints in your auric field.

Theses affect your emotional & physical health through their connection to your endocrine glands that regulate human behaviour.

Cloak of many colours

Stress can cause the flow of energy around your aura & chakras to be blocked & it may result in you feeling ill.

The following exercise is a good way of reducing stress, you can use it as a quick pick me up, or it can be part of a longer relaxation/mediation, lasting up to half an hour.

Imagine wrapping a rainbow around yourself – it arcs over you covering you with many colours that you draw closer, as if you were putting on a rainbow coloured cloak.

Pathways of light

White light is a mixture of colours called a spectrum.

The seven main colours are red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo & violet.

Your chakras vibrate in harmony with the subtle energies encoded within these seven colours – this is sometimes called your inner light.

Coloured light flows to & from your aura via a network of fine energy channels in your body called meridians; this is how light reaches your body cells, giving them the powerful life sustaining information that has been filtered through your aura, chakras & meridians – energy channels.

The Caduceus


The Caduceus is symbolised by a staff entwined with two serpents, with a pair of wings at the top.

The caduceus is a symbol for the awakening of the seven chakras.

The ancient Greek physician Asclepius used the two entwined snakes to represent healing of the body & soul, the symbol is still used today as the logo for the medical profession.

Prana – breath of life

Prana is an Indian word that means life force energy.

Without it we wouldn’t be here.

Prana gives you life in many different ways. It pours into your body through your chakras & is in the food you eat, the water you drink & the air you breathe

If you live close to nature, away from the city, take regular exercise, eat fresh whole foods that have been grown organically & drink pure spring water, then you will absorb all the pranic nourishment your body needs & you will sparkle with energy.

If this is not possible, you can help yourself heal.

To improve your intake of pranic nourishment, you should eat sensibly, join a yoga or tai chi class, try to make swimming, dancing, singing & walking part of your every day life, all these activities help move prana around your body.

The Chinese call pranic energy chi, it is sometimes called ki or qi.

It moves round your body along the meridians, free flowing prana or chi lessens stress & increases your defence against disease.

Prana is charged by the earths magnetic field & enters your body through your base chakra, setting up a powerful electromagnetic flow through your second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth & seventh chakras; it is carried through your body in your nervous system & in all your membranes & fluids.

It flows in & around all living things.

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