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Solar Plexus continued

Deities Associated With The Solar Plexus



Rudra is the god of fire & storms, he is also the god of the solar plexus.

He is the destructive aspect of Shiva, but he can give blessings.

Rudra is a reminder that riding life’s storms can strengthen us.

He is known as the Divine Archer who shoots arrows of death & disease.

Rudra has to be asked not to injure or kill in his anger.

He is often shown having red or white skin – representing life or death, as having three eyes, having two arms that show the gestures of giving blessings & getting rid of fears.

He is known as the Lord of Cattle & is shown riding a bull called Nandi..

When Rudra is shown as white, it’s because he’s covered in ashes, proving he has overcome ego & fears, changing himself through fire into the worlds of Spirit.



Lakini is one of the shaktis linked with the digestion of food in the human body.

Because she is Rudra’s wife, she is the goddess of fire.

Lakini is shown as having black, dark blue, pale or deep red or vermilion coloured skin, three eyes, or three heads with three eyes on each face, inviting us to understand the astral, celestial & physical planes of existence.

She is shown as having four arms, that hold a thunderbolt – symbolising the electrical energy of fire, as well as the heat that radiates from her body & a spear, shot from the bow of Kama – the Lord of Sex & making the hand gestures – mudras of giving blessings & getting rid of fears..

Lakini is shown wearing white or yellow clothes & sits on a red lotus.

Solar Plexus Chakra Imbalances

This is an important area to treat when you are ill.

If negative emotions in your sacral chakra aren’t dealt with, they can rise to your solar plexus & cause it become overactive.

When your solar plexus is overactive can lead to misuse of personal power, an underactive solar plexus can lead to withdrawing from people.

A balanced solar plexus chakra gives you personal empowerment that honours the knowledge & wisdom of other people.

Two horrible diseases are associated with your solar plexus – cancer & diabetes.

When treating diabetes, as holistic practitioner will work with a client to find the reasons why they doesn’t allow sweetness – of personality & taste to be properly absorbed.

When treating cancer sufferers, the solar plexus appears to hold on to raw emotions of anger, fear or hate.

Balancing your solar plexus makes sure it processes the energies from your lower chakras, as well as your heart chakra, this can be done by using crystals, healing, meditation & visualisation & by breathing in the power of the sun.


It does increase your body’s desire to support its own healing.

The Sun

The sun can convert energies from outside our solar system & directs them to the planets.

The sun is regularly used as a metaphor for God, Native Americans, among other cultures, honour their cosmic connections, naming Father Sun, Mother Earth & Sister Moon.

When they honour the sun, they strengthen the connections to their solar plexus, they find pleasure in simple amusements, are less troubled by stress & can have a fiery nature that quickly releases negative emotions.

Offering & prayers to the sun are part of their everyday culture.

Kirlian Photography

This is a specialist area of photography, using what is known as the corona discharge phenomenon – a pattern of electrons flow around a grounded object, it makes a handprint look like a sun with streamers of energy coming from it.

Differences in the patterns on Kirlian photos can be analysed to show imbalances at many levels of your chakras & physical disease.

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