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Solar Plexus chakra continued


Your solar plexus will give out a message of what a bright being you are from within your auric field; this widens your auric field, so people who have clairvoyant sight can see it.

It can extend as light of finer & faster vibrations, beyond the usual distance to ten meters, or more.

Your vibrational field – aura is made up of less visible & finer electrical vibrations as it rises in speed & the further it stretches from your body, as the field extends, the colour inside it decreases, till eventually, in a higher spiritually evolved, or enlightened person, all becomes clear white light, that uninterrupted Divine Light can flow through.

The negative side to the solar plexus are power of others & a reduction of your energy.

People that have an undeveloped solar plexus will dominate with their ego; they won’t be happy with their situation in life, will shut down their inner fire & their aura won’t glow with bright light; they will have energy blocks in their solar plexus & the neighbouring chakras, the whole chakra system will be weakened.

The Solar Plexus & Spiritual Issues

When the solar plexus is unbalanced it can leave you feeling nervous & your energy will be reduced, it could make you feel depressed, fearful & insecure.

Your solar plexus will start to spin as it’s supposed to, in a balanced, focused way when you have dealt with the issues that are making you ill; which means depression becomes joy, fearfulness becomes confidence & insecurity becomes the experience of love in any situation.

The real aim of balancing your chakras is to fit your body to be a temple to Spirit.

You connect to the meaning behind the sun, as a symbol of the Light of Spirit on Earth, through your solar plexus.

Growing Into Spirit

Your soar plexus stokes up the fuel reserves in your body energetically, when its power has been stimulated you feel fearless & obstacles in your way are burned away, on the other hand, it could make some people manipulative & tread on others to get what they want.

The solar plexus turns dreams into reality.

The element of fire is traditionally linked to the solar plexus; it’s got three inner meanings at once; the inner fire, Spirit & sun.

Some people find it hard to rise above the third chakra in order to experience these inner meanings as truths in their lives.

It’s part of society’s conditioning – a sort of cultural hypnosis that keeps people locked in their own physicality, by denying them a personal, vibrant link to Spirit.

By opening up to the possibility of a greater life of Spirit, & the solar plexus starts to balance.

The fire of your body (your inner fire) is consumed & turned to ashes by the power of the fire of the sun as the Light of Spirit in the solar plexus.

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