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The Third Chakra – Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra Symbol

The solar plexus chakra is also called the navel chakra, this is because it is located at your navel.

The solar plexus chakra is known as the ‘place of gems’ or ‘shining like a pearl’ in the Indian Tantric tradition; it has ten red petals with a downward pointing triangle, which represents the element of fire, but, in Western traditions, the petals are gold or yellow.

A yogi – yoga master describes this chakra as a city of jewels, because it’s a precious link to your body.

It’s here the element of fire rules & the suns energies are charged with prana are stored.

It’s here that the upward flowing earth energy meets the downward flowing cosmic energy.

This chakra’s action on your body’s glandular system is through your pancreas, which produces insulin & is involved in your body’s ability to absorb sugar.

Your solar plexus chakra stretches from the bottom of your breastbone to your belly button, covering a large area that includes your gall bladder, liver & stomach, the organs that are linked to your digestive system.

Your sympathetic nervous system & the health of your muscles are also linked to it.

The Function Of The Solar Plexus

Many cultures round the world have treasured the energy that is symbolised by the sun.

Solar gods, usually male i.e. Inti – Inca, Ra – Egyptian & Vishnu/Indra – Hindu.

The of the solar plexus is fire.

The Hindu god Agni & goddess Kali are linked with fire & lightening, Kali is usually shown with tongues of flames coming out of her mouth.

Think of your solar plexus as the sun in your body, it draws sunlight into your body as a kind of prana & convert it into a form that lets the flow of vital energies throughout your physical body to be controlled.

It’s a meeting point for lines of subtle energy, the nadis, which control all bodily function, & a powerful physical nerve system as well.

Each of the ten petals has its own meaning, & they are: delusion, disgust, fear,

foolishness, jealousy, sadness, shame, spiritual ignorance, thirst & treachery.

All of these characteristics should be worked on in the solar plexus, before working on your heart chakra.

The three chakras above your heart chakra are responsible for your physical body & notice with your senses, the chakras above your heart are more spiritual.

Health Issue & The Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is linked to a few health issues, & they are: diabetes, digestive problems, cancer & stress.

Associated Body System

The solar plexus is located over one of the main areas of the body that reacts to stress.

This system of nerves can often feel like a tight knot if you press the area just below your breastbone.

You can reduce stress by meditating & ‘feeding’ your chakras with positive energy.

Associated Endocrine Gland

The solar plexus is responsible for sending energy to the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. The pancreas produces insulin to lower high blood sugar & glucagons to raise low blood sugar.

Emotional Issue & The Solar Plexus

Nothing exists in isolation, increased pranic energy widens your auric field & goes hand in hand with greater health in your physical body.

We experience the emotions of others by becoming a mirror to them at the solar plexus.

It’s important to keep this mirror bright, so you don’t act like a sponge for others anger or negativity.

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