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Dowsing Rods

A way of finding water using a hazel twig is called dowsing.

Subtle energies can be sensed by using two L shaped metal rods.

You can do this by bending a couple of pieces of wire that are eighteen inches long, a metal coathanger is perfect.

If you hold a rod in each hand, pointing forward you can find the energy fields of animal, humans & plants.

Ask a specific question i.e. show me the edge of the cat/dogs aura & the rods will immediately move outward as the edge of the cat/dogs aura is reached, you can ask where your chakras are.

A lot of people make rods from a bent piece of meta about eighteen inches long – an old metal coathanger would be ideal.

You can find the energy fields of animals, humans & plants, by holding a rod in each hand.

Make sure you ask a specific question such as: “show me the edge of the dogs aura” – the rods will spontaneously move outward as the edge of the dogs aura is reached.

As you ask the rods a question, hold them pointing forward.

Protecting Your Chakras

Some people can take energy from you, they are sometimes called energy vampires.

They crave more energy for themselves & the only way they know how to get it is to ‘steal it’.

If you’re going into a difficult situation with another person or group, you can quickly protect your chakras by mentally wrapping a cloak of light around you.

Start above your head & draw it around you in an egg shape & finish at your feet.

Nobody will know what you are doing, but you will feel a lot better.

Energy Exercise

Ask a friend to help you with this.

Sit opposite them, hold the palms of your hands up to theirs without touching.

You may feel tingling or a warm sensation..

Next, both of you shut your eyes, one of you becomes the giver & one the receiver of energy.

What do you feel? Does it feel different if you’re giving or receiving energy?

You might sense the energy from your partner’s hands pushing or pulling you.

You may be really sensitive & you can pick up the emotional state of your friend, or you might not feel anything the first time you try.

Practise with other friends so you experience different kinds of energy.

Always wash your hands in cold water when you’ve finished, so you don’t hold on to somebody elses energy.

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