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The Fourth Chakra – Heart

Your heart chakra is in the centre of your chest & is connected to two minor chakras; the thymus – a newly developing chakra & the kalpatree.

The colours of light to balance them are bright grass green & pinkish violet or gold.

The word anahata means unstuck & it is the Sanskrit word for heart – the place where the source of creation or sound manifests itself.

Your heart chakra is considered to be a gateway to higher consciousness.

Your hands are included in the flow of heart chakra energies & it’s through them you experience the gift of touch.

When a group of people sit or stand in a circle holding hands, they move a constant wave of energy around the circle – it goes from your left hand, across your chest & out of your right hand.

The heart chakra has twelve red or white petals with a smokey blue/black colour symbolising the element of Air in Tantric teachings.

The Functions Of The Heart Chakra

The twelve petals of the heart chakra represent an attitude of defiance, anxiety, arrogance, discrimination, fraudulence, hope, indecision, impartiality, incompetence, lustfulness, longing & repentance.

It’s linked to the element of air & is the seat the Divine Soul or Higher Self, that is shown by the image of a motionless gold lamp flame, it’s linked with the ages 22 to 28, this is when deep relationships based on mutual love are formed.

Having said that, the heart chakra isn’t primarily about falling in love; it’s not as sentimental kind of love, its fire is fuelled by the love of creation, the same love makes you enjoy the feel of soft rain or the scent of a flower.

Your heart chakra is at the centre of your radiant auric body, use bright grass green light to balance your heart chakra.

The twelve petals of the lotus flower are shown in this colour.

The heart chakra is the midpoint of the seven chakras & the midpoint on your body, & it’s thought to be the gateway to higher consciousness.

Health Issues & The Heart Chakra

Your heart is part of your circulatory system & is a hollow muscle that pumps oxygen rich blood from your lungs to all parts of your body.

Someone’s heart will have beaten 3,000 million times by the times they reach their seventies.

The blood has three major functions, they are: carries food oxygen & water & all forms of prana, it takes away waste products through the kidneys, liver & lungs & it also carries important parts of the immune system.

Associated Body System

Many people suffer from medically diagnosed heart disease, such as disturbed heart rhythm, aortic, muscular & valvular disease & infections.

Heart disease is not just a physical issue, high blood pressure can be the first sign of underlying mental strain tat is often caused by bottled up anger, frustration & stress.

The health of the physical heart will improve if past emotional pain & traumas.

Sexual issues need to be treated through the base & sacral chakras, because when they get mixed up with the heart centre, which naturally revolves towards unconditional love, confusion occurs.

Depending on the physical signs that are shown, green colour therapy may be used to rebalance the heart, then move the red energy back down the base chakra, where it can be worked with & got rid of.

Associated Endocrine Gland

The endocrine gland tat is linked to the heart is the thymus gland that starts the movement of the body’s defences during injury or illness.

The Heart Chakra & Emotional Issues

Romantic love is driven by the constant search for union with the source of love.

When we give unconditional love to others, we receive the highest form of romantic love; if we learn to respect other peoples feelings, we will feel peace within ourselves.

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