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Attraction & Compassion

When people are in love, it’s likely they have found a person whose auric fields compliments yours; earthly love is saying “my aura finds yours attractive, let’s get together”; first responses are about vibrational attraction, secondary responses are about who they want to spend their life with; who would make a good father/mother, who will be there in their darkest moments, & who they can give their love unconditionally to; we are constantly searching for the perfect match & we are sure to meet many challenges along the way.

The Compassion Of Buddha

Because the heart chakra is the source of spiritual fire, it’s sometimes referred to as the purifying fire of the Creator’s love; it’s the sacred fire of devotion & spiritual inspiration.

It’s the fire that transforms our ego, little lives & personal identity into the greater life of Spirit.

Personal identity moves from self, to others, ten to the Divine; when the heart chakra is fully open, it wants other beings to share in the love & peace of infinite awareness.

This is the expression of the compassion of Buddha.

The desire of this special kind of love is expressed in the vow “I won’t leave the earth till ALL beings gain enlightenment” in this tradition.

When unconditional love flows through the heart chakra it gets rid of all negative energy, ‘true love’ always wins, just like in the films; pictures of loving deities can transform us, our eyes meet & we are taken beyond the limits of self.

Enlightened beings – ascended masters such as Buddha or Christ are mirrors of the all embracing, loving spiritual potential in everyone, they take us beyond ego into compassion & unconditionality when we look in their eyes.

The Thymus Chakra

In the centre of your chest, close to your heart is the thymus chakra; it’s a newly recognised chakra.

The way it helps protect your body is essential, this is because you are subjected to all manner of pollutants in the air we breathe, the food we eat & the water we drink.

Doctors used to think the thymus gland shrank in function & size once childhood was over; but it’s since been discovered that it’s an essential part of the body’s bio-defence system & immunity to disease in adulthood.

The thymus chakra needs to be looked after because the thymus gland plays an important & protective role in the body, by reducing the build up of toxins that can weaken the immune system.

Deities Associated With The Heart Chakra



The god energy in charge is called Ishvara or Isa, which means lord or master; he is an aspect of Shiva & overlord of the three lower chakras, because he absorbs passion, it helps to remove any separation between us & the world around us.

Ishvara is shown with three eyes & two arms & his mudras show him giving blessings & getting rid of fears; the greatest blessing Ishvara can give is by strengthening concentration.

We’re able to know our soul lives in us as the Eternal Self, as a spark of creation with concentration; Ishvara opens the delicate petals of the heart, this leads us out of confusion & into freedom.

Air is the heart chakras element & Vagu the god of air & wind, rides on a fleet of black antelope, it is said they pull the chariot of the sun & moon across the sky.


The goddess energy in charge of the heart chakra is Kakini; she is the beautiful protector of devotion, she synchronizes the beat of the cosmos with the beat of our heart.

She holds a noose in one to remind us not to get caught up in spiritual expectation, she holds a skull in the other hand to remind us to keep a pure mind & she makes the same had gestures as Isvara.

Because she has drunk the the precious nectar – Amrita, she is shown as enlightened & happy – amrita flows from the soma chakra.

Despite the noose & skull being negative signs, they encourage us to ‘die’ to our self, to ignorance & to the way of the world, so we can dance the sacred dance of life.

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