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The Rose Of Love

Your heart is where compassion & unconditional love develop.

These can activated by balancing your heart chakra with the colour green & then using a soft pink.

Sometimes, the chakra is seen as a beautiful rose – pink for love, red for energy & white for purity.

Heart Chakra Imbalances

Your heart chakra is responsible for circulating air & oxygenated blood through your body.

If there are any blockages in the heart chakra, they could show themselves as heart or lung disease, the flow of lymph could also be affected.

When your heart chakra & it’s two minor chakras – thymus & kalpatree are fully balanced, your physical body automatically enters a state where its basic survival needs are met.

Then these chakras really get to work developing acceptance, contentment, forgiveness, harmony, openness & peace, all of which are features of Divine unconditional love.

Taking Nature To Heart

In Western culture people have become quite separate from the natural world, seeing it as out there to be enjoyed at the weekend only; which is a shame, because as we’re part of the natural world, our actions & thoughts have an effect on it.

This happens mainly through your heart chakra.

When you actively work on developing your heart chakra for positive personal growth, you will automatically be more in tune with nature.

There’s a lot to learn from people who still live simple lives, with few material goods.

They often shine with an inner spirit & brilliance, not often seen in people who live busy modern cities; this is because their whole way of living has intensified the flow of energy through their chakras.

Crystals To Activate The Heart Chakra

When people talk about energising/activating a chakra, it means the energy flow to the chakra isn’t flowing freely.

The crystal to use to energise the heart chakra is peridot.


Peridot chips

Peridot is known as chrysolite & olivine, it ranges in colour from brownish green to bright clear green & it’s the bright clear green that’s used to energise the heart chakra.

Peridot energises the heart chakra in many different ways; it’s thought of as a cleansing stone, getting rid of toxins from your aura & physical body.

It helps to get rid of negative emotions that may start in the heart, i.e., anger, envy & hate, by moving them through the heart chakra.

It’s often seen as ‘the stone of relationships’, taking negative emotions that hold us back from truly loving & getting rid of them, replacing them with calmness, compassion & love.

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