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Chakras in other cultures

Chakra teaching were developed within the Indian yogic system, making it easier to be able to understand the idea of subtle energy in every day life.

Many other countries around the world that refer to the chakras.


Zarathushtrianism is one of the world’s oldest continuously practised religions, which is still used in India.

It was called Zoroastrianism when it was the national religion of Iran.

Zarathustrian priest doctors say there are sixteen main chakras within your aura, which are connected to your bran & organs.

The chakras are fed with cosmic energy from the twenty seven visible constellations of stars.

Light force – Athre comes from the stars & goes through the forcefield of the solar system, past the outer planets to Jupiter, where it’s sent to the inner forcefield of the sun, Mars, Venus & Mercury, then to earth & your chakras.

The Maya of Central America

The Maya call the chakras the great powers, a chakra is often seen on their human shaped carvings, shown as an ‘O’ with another circle inside, this is called ol; it means knowledge & consciousness.

The heart chakra is often marked with a ‘G’, or spiral, which represents the Milky Way, or ‘egg essence’, where we originate & where we return after death.

It is thought that the Naga Maya brought their culture to India in 2700 BCE, from there Mayan teachings spread to other parts of Asia & Africa.

The Maya say that our bodies are sacred temples that combine the seven great powers of light through the chakras in the form of a winding serpent.

Some Indian & Mayan words are similar: chakra – Indian, chacla – Mayan, kundalini – Indian & kultanlilni – Mayan.

The Tibetans

Tibetan mystical Buddhists call the aura ‘the rainbow of liberated energy’ & give five colours to the chakra elements of earth, air, fire, water & spirit – although they use the Eastern idea of the elements in their acupuncture systems & calendars.

Western Myth & Legend

Medieval paintings & writing show the dragon as a metaphor for sexual energy that needed to be controlled – i.e. the story of St. George, who pinned a dragon to the ground with his sword.

The fearsome dragon described the powerful sexual drive of the first chakra & the sword was a sword of light, the channel of energy that sexuality could be converted.

It is said that in Arthurian myths, stories about the Knights of the Round Table & their quest for the Holy Grail include deeply hidden esoteric teachings about the chakras.

The knights go on many adventures that stimulate the lower chakras, as the story moves towards the Grail cup/chalice. The Grail cup/chalice was a symbol of the heart chakra.

The story is based on asking a question in order to be shown the purity of the Grail mass.

When a knight asked the right question, the flow of energy at his throat chakra is unlocked.

An inner vision is activated in the brow/third eye chakra, as a result, that gives every person who sees the Grail mass, a different insight, providing him with the spiritual food that he needs.

The food comes from above, through the crown chakra & fills the chalice of his heart.

The story shows the search for a mystical union with God.

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