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The Chakra Rainbow

I will go into detail of each chakra, giving you a practical basis for you to continue your research into your chakras.

Despite the fact you can’t see your chakras, their effects are very deep.

If you see things when you meditate you will become more aware of your chakra energy.

You will be able sense which chakra needs to be worked on, you will also be able to sense why you feel the way you do.

Chakra Growth & Nourishment

Your body needs four basic sources of nourishmentair to breathe, electrical/fire energy, including energy that passes along the nerves of your physical body, food for growth, prana & water for metabolism; prana flows through your chakras & aura.

The colours in your aura reflect the spiritual life changes, as you grow from a child to an adult.

In the first seven years of your life, auric colours are developing in intensity.

As a child grows, the colours of light passing through their chakras should stay balanced.

Chakra energy can be blocked or depleted by a lack of nourishment or other problems.

When the seventh seven year cycle is completed, about age forty nine a transition starts from the need to have a strongly active sex life.

You may find that you need materialistic possessions less, as an incoming of cosmic energy starts a life changing process through the higher chakras above the heart.

As this happens, a lightening & refinement of colours can be seen in your aura, showing that faster vibrations of light are passing through your chakras.

This feeds your chakras, helping your full potential shows itself.

The Lotus Blossom

The chakras are traditionally shown as lotus blossoms
There are a few similarities between a human & a lotus flower: It has roots that are in muddy water – human failings, it sends a long shoot through the water as it grows – your emotions, until the bud reaches the surface & opens to the sun, showing a beautiful golden heart – your potential.

Chakras can be described as open or closed flowers positioned along your spine – Sushumna nadi.

From base to crown each chakra is related to a number of petals on the lotus blossom.

Each set of petals are the colour of that particular chakra & represents the flow of prana through the nadis & the degree of spiritual practice needed to balance the chakra.

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