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The First Chakra – Base/Root

Base/Root Chakra

Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for the base/root chakra.

Your base/root chakra is the foundation of life.

It is located at the very bottom of your spine.

It’s the chakra that initiates life through procreation & represents the will to live.

Your base chakra draws earth energy upwards trough your feet to process & stabilise it.

It channels the energy up your spine in a form your body can handle: as endocrine signals that balance the release of hormones.

We, as humans often fail to get the full flow of the earths energy, we become out of touch with nature, because we live in big cities, always walking on the pavement with our feet wrapped in socks & shoes that are made from artificial materials; instead of growing our own food, we go to the supermarket, this way of living could result in your feeling tired all the time.

Despite the built up areas & pollution a few large trees always seem to survive, how?

Because they have developed a strong root structure to feed them, the root system is as big as the branches are wide above ground.

Tree root system

Your roots are energy connections, & they need to be strong.

Awareness of your base chakra will improve your creativity & vitality.

Because red light is the lowest frequency energy of visible light, it stimulates your base/root chakra.

Your base chakra is responsible for keeping you grounded/rooted.

When you’re grounded, you are at one with life & your base chakra works as it’s supposed to.

Your base chakra is closely linked to returning karma – karma is the Sanskrit word for action; what goes around, comes around.

It is said there is good & bad karma, but all karma is there to learn from.

Your base & sacral chakras act as the energetic recycling bin of your auric field.

They change negative emotional energy into light & power & return any toxic waste your other chakras can’t deal with – keeping the rainbow purity of your aura.

The Base Chakra & Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Issues

Because the base chakra is between your legs, the actual point of body contact is the sacral-coccyx joint, which is linked with the position of your body in time & space, how you move & the sense of touch.

A spin off of fulfilling sex is the flow of beneficial hormones that you need to strengthen you & keep you young.

Changing Your Emotions

During puberty & menopause your emotions can go from one extreme to another, the good news is, you can change these emotions by moving the energy upwards through your chakras, concentrating on a vibrant & wholesome body & a fulfilling spiritual life

It’s important for women who are gong through the menopause to complete the upward movement of energy, otherwise it could show as problems with the breasts & womb.

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