Chakra Crystals

This is the 5th part of crystals you can use to heal & align your chakras & your overall well being


It can open your crown chakra, relieve stress & calm your mind.

Beryl – Golden (Heliodor)

It can open your crown chakra& strengthens your will.


It can help increase your intuition, imagination & creativity, it can also help you during meditation & when you are working with the spirit realm.


It can open your crown chakra & help you connect to the spirit realm better.

Bustamite with Sugilite

It can increase your spiritual & psychic awareness.


It can open your crown chakra, making it easier for you to accept new ideas.

Cacoxenite in Amethyst

It can help you release the parts of your shadow self that are no longer useful, helping you look on the bright side of life.

Calcite – Cobaltoan

It is good for helping you overcome emotional blockages.

Calcite – Stella Beam

It helps you break spiritual beliefs that no longer serve you & help you to move forward.

Calcite – White

White Calcite

It helps to clear stagnant & blocked energies from your energy fields.

The energy of White Calcite has a purifying effect on your chakric system & energy fields so that your energy is vibrating at a high level.

Cats Eye

Cats Eye Tumblestones

It can make you emotionally stable, fortify your spirit & protect from all types of negativity; physical, energetic & emotional.


Celestite Cluster

It can calm & sharpen your mind & improves your mental clarity.

This is a high vibration crystal.


It can help clear past & present blockages, so you can see the future more clearly.

Chalcedony – Grape

It can balance your mind, body & spirit & helps you to share meditation, your intuition & your dreams.

Chalcedony – Purple

It can help you improve your psychic abilities.

Chalcedony – White

It can get rid of negative emotions & thoughts & it can also align your mind, body, emotions & spirit.


It is good at clearing blockages, so you can meditate effectively.


Chariote Earrings

It is good for balancing & opening the crown chakra.

It can also remove mental attachments.

Chrysanthemum Stone

It can help balance your physical & spiritual body.

When used during meditation, it can help you solve issues that are causing you to feel stuck.


It can open the crown chakra, improving your personal & spiritual power.

Chrysotile Serpentine

It can help you get rid of things that hurt you in the past.

This is a toxic crystal, only use as a tumblestone.

Chrysocolla (Gem Silica)

It can reduce mental tension & help you to keep calm.

Cinnabar in Quartz

It can clear energy blockages & aligns your chakras.

This is a toxic crystal, wash your hands are handling.

Only use as a tumblestone.

Citrine – Smokey

It can remove blockages from your spiritual path & purifies your etheric blueprint.

Citrine – Tourmalinated

It can give you inner strengthen & confidence & is very useful for healing your mind.


It can be useful to help you focus on what you are dealing with.

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My name is Chez, I am a hereditary witch who is addicted to crystals. I am a wife and mum of 2 children and 2 rescue Staffies & I use crystals to give my work an extra boost, as well as helping friends & family.

I was looking for an alternative to conventional medicine to relieve the pain of MS & epilepsy & a friend suggested I look into using crystals, so I did, & as they say the rest is history. I have made healing pouches for my Mum, her husband, my husband & daughter. 

I decided to write a blog to share my love of crystals with others, pass on the wonderful benefits they can bring & some of the things you can use them for.

The information in this blog in no way replaces professional medical help.

“For serenity, it is best to use a combination of crystals in your environment and carry crystals with you.”

~ Amy Leigh Mercree – Author of The Mood Book

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