Chakra Crystals

This is the 6th part of crystals you can use to heal & align your chakras & your overall well being.


Red Coral Bracelet

It can stabilise your emotions & your improve your psychic abilities.


It can open your crown chakra & can increase your spiritual awareness.


It can open your crown chakra, helps you make decisions & can improve your psychic abilities.

This crystal contains aluminium, thoroughly wash your hands after use.


It can improve your intellect & can make you more mentally flexible.


It can open your crown chakra & improve your higher consciousness.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Danburite – Pink

It can clear your crown chakra & align it with your heart chakra.

This is a high vibration crystal.


It can clear mental obstacles & increase your spiritual awareness.

Diamond – Herkimer

Herkimer Diamond

It can increase your psychic abilities & clear your crown chakra so spiritual energy can flow properly.

This is a high vibration crystal.


It can release trapped emotions & balance them, it can clear your mind & help you stay focused.

Doctor’s Stone

It can help improve your creativity, ideas & thoughts.


It can clear energy blockages & balance your energy.


Flint Tumblestones

It helps to calm down emotional drama & helps you to move on with your life once again.

If you are disorganized or “scatterbrained” flint helps you to be more comfortable in your body when you need to be & to work better in the physical world.

it helps to calm down emotional drama & helps you to move on with your life once again.

Fluorite – Clear

It can open your crown chakra, give your aura a boost & improve your mental & physical coordination.

Fluorite – Mexican Purple

Purple Fluorite Angel

It can improve your concentration, helping you remember what you learn & it helps you think on your feet.

Fluorite – Rainbow

Raw Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite increases your intuitive abilities, links the human mind to universal consciousness, & develops your connection to Spirit. Fluorite further anchors intuitive insights into the physical plane, allowing mental & physical coordination. Fluorite heightens mental abilities, helping you with rapid organization & processing of information, & can bring you mental clarity & stability to an otherwise chaotic situation

Garnet – Almandine

It can clear & open your crown chakra.

It can help the flow of energy between your crown & base chakras.

Garnet – Pyrope

It can protect your crown chakra & it helps you to understand why it’s important to stay grounded.

Goddess Stone

It can be used to heal your mind, body, emotions & spirit & it can improve your psychic abilities.

Goshenite (Clear Beryl)

It can help you deal with stress.

Halite – Blue

Blue Halite (Salt)

It can be used to increase your psychic abilities.

This is a high vibration crystal.

Will dissolve in water

Halite – Pink (Himalayan Salt)

Pink Halite (Himalayan Salt)

It can remove negativity & increase your psychic abilities.

Will dissolve in water.


It can ease anxiety, gets rid of mental blockages & can help you improve your intuition & other psychic abilities.

Will dissolve in water.

Hematite – Specular

It can align your body, mind & spirit helps you develop spiritual talents.


It can help you keep calm in a stressful situation, it can ease anxiety & help you think clearly.

It can also improve your psychic abilities.

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My name is Chez, I am a hereditary witch who is addicted to crystals. I am a wife and mum of 2 children and 2 rescue Staffies & I use crystals to give my work an extra boost, as well as helping friends & family.

I was looking for an alternative to conventional medicine to relieve the pain of MS & epilepsy & a friend suggested I look into using crystals, so I did, & as they say the rest is history. I have made healing pouches for my Mum, her husband, my husband & daughter. 

I decided to write a blog to share my love of crystals with others, pass on the wonderful benefits they can bring & some of the things you can use them for.

The information in this blog in no way replaces professional medical help.

“For serenity, it is best to use a combination of crystals in your environment and carry crystals with you.”

~ Amy Leigh Mercree – Author of The Mood Book

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