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Crystals To Balance The Heart Chakra

Green aventurine, rhodocrosite, rose quartz & watermelon tourmaline can all be used to balance the heart chakra.

The best way to use them is as a tumble, except watermelon tourmaline, this is usually cut into ‘slices’ to show off its naturally occurring pink heart in the middle of the green crystal.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Tumbles

This crystal can balance & calm the heart chakra & the lungs.

It’s a green quartz with good all round healing properties.


Rhodochrosite bracelet

Rhodochrosite has a high copper content, which makes it a good energy conductor.

It brings together emotional, mental & physical aspects at the heart level.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Tumbles

This crystal will bring you friendship & love, because it has caring, gentle energies, it’s the ideal crystal to give to a friend.

When used to meditate with, it helps open up the different levels of the heart chakra & find ways to connect with your cosmic inner child.

Hold a rose quartz tumble in each hand when you meditate.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline bracelet

Using watermelon tourmaline to balance your heart chakra is a great idea; the green part brings life force energy into the body & the pink part soothes & brings everything into line.

It can help reunite opposites & clear up confusion about sexual roles,

Watermelon tourmaline can teach you to be in self contained, integrated & in loving harmony with all the different aspects of yourself.

Heart Chakra Overview

Indian Name: Anahata

Associated Element: Air

Symbol: Twelve petaled lotus flower

Heart Chakra Symbol

Colour Of Petals: Grass green

Indian God & Goddess: Isha & Kakini


Indian Animal: Antelope


Key Issues: Inner child issues, passion, rejection & tenderness

Energy Function: Receptor/distributor of unconditional love

Physical Location: Centre of your chest on your sternum

Associated Spinal Area: Fourth thoracic vertebra

Physiological Systems: Circulatory, immune & lymphatic

Endocrine Gland: Thymus

Nerve Plexus: Heart plexus

Activity: Manipulation

Body Sense: Touch

Inner Aspect: Unconditional compassion & love

Life Lesson: Honouring the earthly forms of Divine love

Physical Action: Circulation

Mental Action: Passion

Emotional Action: Love

Spiritual Action: Devotion

Gemstone To Activate: Emerald

Emerald Tumbles

Gemstone To Calm: Sapphire & topaz

Sapphire Pendant
Yellow Topaz

Crystals To Balance: Aventurine, rhodochrosite, rhodonite & rose quartz

Green Aventurine Tumbles
Rhodochrosite bracelet
Rhodonite Merkaba Star
Rose Quartz Tumbles

Essential Oil: Rose

Rose Essential Oil

Planets: Mercury & Venus


Metals: Copper & mercury

Raw Copper

Native American Animal: Mammals


Colour To Balance/Energise: Spring green

Colours To Calm: Magenta & pink

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