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There are several ways you can charge your crystals, I will tell you about a few of them below. These are in my opinion, the safest ways to charge your crystals, due to the fact some crystals will dissolve if they come into contact with water.

Charging crystals lines up their energies to your own, so you can get the best benefit from them.

Charging is also known as “programming”

When you charge your crystals it will help make sure whatever you ask your crystal to do, it will happen.

Crystals can be charged for multiple purposes such as; protection, prosperity, inner peace, love, healing yourself or even to improve your home/work space.


To charge your tumblestone, you need to be in a quiet room, free from any distractions, relax, close your eyes, clear your mind & concentrate on what you want the crystal to do, i.e., if you are using a green aventurine to ease a bruise, hold the crystal in your hands & visualise the energy from the crystal making the bruise fade & heal, do this until you feel the crystal has absorbed as much energy as it needs, then it’s ready to use. This is known as filling the tumblestone with intent.

Remember to charge your tumblestones before using them for another purpose.

You can put tumblestones in a selenite bowl to charge them, like in the picture below.

Selenite bowls with tumblestones

You can also put them on a selenite charging plate.

There are many different designs, below are a few of them.

Selenite spear & 3 selenite slices
Fishtail (Angel’s Wing) Selenite with tumblestones
Fishtail (Angel’s Wing) Selenite Charging Plate
Selenite charging plate
Tree of Life design Selenite Charging Plate
Orange Selenite Charging Plate
Chakra design Selenite Moon Charging Plate


You can hold a small tower or obelisk in your hands & charge it the same way as tumblestones.

If the obelisk/tower is too big to hold, then stand next to it & put a hand on the top of it, close your eyes, clear your mind & visualise what you want it to do i.e., if you want it to protect your house, visualise it putting a protective bubble round the outside of the house, protecting everyone & everything inside it.

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